Brock University is committed to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community where our students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and visitors can work and learn in an environment that respects the human rights of Brock community members.

Human Rights Task Force

Established to improve and advance human rights policies, processes, services and supports at Brock by providing recommendations to the President.

In May 2017, the Human Rights Task Force released Pushing Onward, the final report outlining the six overarching recommendations for maintaining and advancing human rights on Brock’s campus.

The report can be read in full here: Pushing Onward

Anti-Racism Task Force

Established to bring together students, staff and faculty to examine and consider the dynamics of race within the Brock context.

Brock University Accessibility Advisory Committee (BUAAC)

The advisory committee to the formation of an inclusive environment based on viewing disability as human rights issue.

Sexual Violence Prevention Committee

Advisory committee for the purpose of identifying and recommending strategies to improve policies and processes in relation to sexual violence awareness, prevention and response.