Brock 2SLGBTQ+ Pride Month 2023

Welcome to Brock 2SLGBTQ+ Pride Month 2023!

Please join us in celebrating the vibrant and diverse 2S&LGBTQ+ communities at BrockU and in the Niagara Region! Be sure to tag @brocksjc on Instagram and use the hashtag #BrockPride to celebrate your Pride!

Brock 2S&LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2023 Event Schedule:

Name: Speaking with Pride 

Date and Time: June 1st, 1:30-3 PM 

Location: DHOWES 


Pride Niagara is partnering with Brock University Professional and Continuing Studies to present our newest Pride Niagara Festival programming “Speaking with Pride”  This education session is for 2SLGBTQ+ positive organizations who want to enhance and/or improve their Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging practices; as well as individuals who want to inspire change in their workplace or advance their career to foster change.   

This year’s theme for the inaugural session is “Leading with Pride and Fostering Allyship”. 

Name: Flag Raising 

Date and Time: June 1st, 3:30-4 PM 

Location: Brock Flag Poles  


Join Brock University Students, Staff, Faculty and community members for the Annual Pride Flag Raising on June 1st in honour of Pride Month. 

Flag raising begins at 3:30 PM at Brock University Main Entrance. All are welcome to attend. No registration required for this portion of the event. 


Name: But I’m a Cheerleader, Movie Screening  

Date and Time: June 8th, 4-7 pm  

Location: Loft’s Theatre  


For Pride month 2023, HRE and SJC is inviting you to our film screen of But I am a Cheerleader. This is movie is a 1999 American satirical teen romantic comedy film directed by Jamie Babbit in her feature directorial debut and written by Brian Wayne Peterson. Natasha Lyonne stars as Megan Bloomfield, a high school cheerleader whose parents send her to a residential in-patient conversion therapy camp to “cure” her lesbianism. At camp, Megan realizes that she is indeed a lesbian and, despite the therapy, comes to embrace her sexuality. The supporting cast includes Clea DuVall, Melanie Lynskey, RuPaul, and Cathy Moriarty. 

Film screening will start at 4pm at the LOFTS movie theatre (location in found in bio). There will be pizza, candy and snacks, all are welcome!  

If you have accessibility concerns, please contact Rabia at 

Name: Paint your Pride, Pottery Painting  

Date and Time: June 12th, 1-3 pm  

Location: Crock A Doodle St. Catharines  


Join us on Monday, June 12th from 1-3 pm to Paint Your Pride on Pottery! Participants are invited to customize a mug, plate, bowl or other pottery items, with their own pride flag, doodles, and designs.    

Pottery* and food related expenses will be covered by Brock SJC, BUSU and Brock Pride.     

*There is a limit of 1 pottery piece per person that will be covered by our fund, anything else that an individual customizes will not be covered.   

RSVP now to claim your spot, there is a limit of 20 people! This event is open only to 2SLGBTQ+ Students at Brock University and is funded by the Student Justice Centre and BUSU.    

For more information on this event or for accommodation requests, please contact Rabia at 

Name: Allyship vs Accomplice 101 Workshop  

Date and Time: June 14th, 12-1 pm  

Location: Brock University  


Join us for “Allyship and Accomplice 101,” an empowering event dedicated to fostering genuine allyship within the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Learn essential tools and strategies to uplift marginalized voices, promote diversity, and become an effective ally. Engage in insightful discussions, interactive activities, and gain practical knowledge to create a more inclusive and supportive world for all. 

For more information on this event or for accommodation requests, please contact Rabia at 

Name: Dragology 101: Unraveling the History of Drag and Unleashing Your Makeup Prowess 

Date and Time: June 15th, from 5-6:30 PM 

Location: Zoom 


Step into the captivating world of drag as we present “Dragology 101: Unraveling the History of Drag and Unleashing Your Makeup Prowess” on June 15th from 5-6:30 pm.  

Join us for an unforgettable workshop where the rich legacy of drag comes alive through an exploration of its past, coupled with a hands-on drag makeup tutorial. Immerse yourself in the stories of iconic drag performers, from trailblazing pioneers to modern-day superstars, and uncover the transformative power of makeup in creating these mesmerizing personas.  

Whether you’re a seasoned drag enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this event is open to everyone and promises an exhilarating journey into the glitz, glamour, and boundless creativity that define the vibrant world of drag. 

Please email Rabia at for further information and/or accessibility requirements.  

*If you would like to receive a gift card to Shopper’s Drug Mart to purchase your own makeup supplies, please email Rabia at with your name, Student Number and Student Email by June 9th. 

*Available while supplies last. 

Name: Pride House 

Date and Time: June 21st, 4-7 pm 

Location: Isaacs Bar and Grill  


Join us for an exciting Pride House event, celebrating Pride month with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community! It’s a fun-filled night of food, music, and amazing activities. 

During the first hour, we’ll kick off with a casual social event featuring delicious food and engaging games. Connect with friends, old and new, while indulging in tasty treats. Show off your skills in friendly competitions for a chance to win fantastic prizes! 

For the next two hours, get ready for an electrifying open mic night where our talented students showcase their impressive abilities. Be amazed by captivating performances, including music, poetry, and more. It’s a chance to witness the incredible talents within our community and cheer them on. 

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable Pride House event happening on June 21st, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Come join us for a night of fun and pride! 

Name: 2SLGBTQ+ Adult Drop In  

Date and Time: June 22nd, 6:30-7:30 pm  

Location: Brock University  


Create social connections and meet other 2SLGBTQ+ folks in Niagara!  

Join us for this in person drop in on June 22nd from 6:30-7:30PM. Come by to build friendships, have discussions, access resources and more!  

Open to all sexual and gender diverse identities aged 19+, living in Niagara. You can attend any and/or all of the sessions!  

Please email Rabia at for further information and/or accessibility requirements.  

This event is brought to you by a collaboration between Niagara Falls Community Health Centre, Quest Community Health Centre, and Brock Student Justice Centre.  

*Please note, masking is not mandatory, but we will provide masks to folks who want them. 

Name: GSA Dirty Drag Bingo with Inita Dior  

Date and Time: June 23rd Doors open at 5   

Location: STH 204 


Join us on June 23rd for an evening of outrageous fun and fabulous entertainment at the GSA Dirty Drag Bingo with the sensational Inita Dior! Grab your tickets early and prepare for a night of laughter, glamour, and unforgettable memories at the GSA Dirty Drag Bingo with Inita Dior on June 23rd at STH 204. Get ready to shout “BINGO!” in style! 

For more information, accessibility requests or to purchase tickets, please email  

Name: QTBIPOC Improv for Beginners!  

Date and Time: June 25th & 26th from 3-4:30 pm 

Location: TH253 

Session 1 Link – 

Session 2 Link –  

Beginner Improv for QTBIPOC is an introduction to improv that will allow you to explore and boost your creativity and confidence through the practice of “Yes And”. Flex your more spontaneous side by challenging your quick thinking skills, while embracing the lighter side of life, where mistakes are encouraged and laughter inevitable!  

Maria, the facilitator of this two-part series is a strong believer in the benefits of improv in life and in the importance of making it accessible for all QTBIPOC individuals. 

Please email Rabia at for further information and/or accessibility requirements. 

Important Dates: Stonewall Rebellion Day


What is Stonewall Rebellion Day?

“June 28, 1969 marks the beginning of the Stonewall Uprising, a series of events between police and LGBTQ+ protesters which stretched over six days. It was not the first time police raided a gay bar, and it was not the first time LGBTQ+ people fought back, but the events that would unfold over the next six days would fundamentally change the discourse surrounding LGBTQ+ activism in the United States. While Stonewall became well known due to the media coverage and the subsequent annual Pride traditions, it was a culmination of years of LGBTQ+ activism. Historians have noted that the shift in activism, if Stonewall truly represented one at all, was a shift primarily for white cisgender people, as people of color and gender non-conforming people never truly had the benefit of concealing their marginalized identities.

It is important to note that there were a number of uprisings against police & state brutality, harassment and entrapment of the LGBT+ communities in the U.S. in the years before Stonewall. These events and the people involved have not received as much historical attention as Stonewall, but are just as central to understandings of U.S. LGBTQIA+ histories. Some of the pre-Stonewall uprisings included:

  • Black Cat Raid, Los Angeles, California, 1967
  • Black Night Brawl, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 5, 1961. 400 Plankinton Ave.
  • Compton’s Cafeteria Raid, San Francisco, California, 1966
  • Coopers Do-Nut Raid, Los Angeles, California, 1959
  • Pepper Hill Club Raid, Baltimore, Maryland in 1955. Over 162 people arrested.

While the events of Stonewall are often referred to as “riots,” Stonewall veterans have explicitly stated that they prefer the term Stonewall uprising or rebellion. The reference to these events as riots was initially used by police to justify their use of force.”

The Library of Congress