HRE Beyond Borders


Who Are We?

Mission Statement

HRE Beyond Borders serves as an advisory committee to the Human Rights and Equity department. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of inclusion for the international student community at Brock while creating equitable opportunities and celebrating the existent diversity of our student body. 


This group includes different members of the HRE department who will initiate awareness around issues related to international students through an anti-racist and intersectional lens. This group will also aim to educate the international student community about human rights and decolonization practices. 


Due to the increasing globalization of Brock University, the needs of the international student community at Brock are ever-changing and having an international-focused group that strives to meet these needs is vital.

There are different views and perspectives on human rights issues globally yet having the entire Brock student body understand and agree on fundamental human right principles is essential for the mutual growth of both the institution and students.  

Some of our goals are: 

  • Empowering and supporting international students while removing barriers in their journey in Canada. 
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion through different initiatives to ensure equitable opportunities for all students. 
  • Acknowledging and creating awareness about colonial oppressive barriers which exist in our communities for indigenous peoples. 
  • Educating incoming members of the international student community on topics relating to gender and sexual violence such as consent, human trafficking, and harassment.  
  • Addressing the existence of racism and racial discrimination and xenophobia in our communities through advocating for international student rights and needs. 

How to Reach Us?

HRE Beyond Borders includes various members of the Human Rights and Equity department who greatly value any input from the great international student community at Brock. If you want to reach us you can send us an email through or reach out to who is our point of contact.

Current members include:

  • Eve Nyambia – GSV Education Coordinator
  • Hamed Karagahi – International Student