ART Speaks: Call for Submissions

Brock University students are invited to submit artworks for a new juried student exhibition called “Art Speaks”. Hosted by Brock Human Rights and Equity together with the Brock Art Collective and Library Services, Art Speaks is calling on student artists to incite a conversation about human rights issues on campus.

This exhibit seeks to use student artwork as a vehicle for discussing difficult topics, provide a platform for under-represented groups on campus to make themselves heard, and to educate the wider community about social inequity.

We are seeking artworks that address human rights related themes (including but not limited to culture, sexism, racism, homophobia, colonialism, ableism, gender inequality, and any other social inequalities) to display at the pop-up Art Speaks exhibit. Submissions of original artworks from the past two (2) years will be considered. There is no submission fee, however, only one submission per artist will be accepted. The jury will take the following criteria into consideration when selecting work for the exhibit:

  • Originality
  • Relationship and Response to Exhibit Theme
  • Clarity and Effectiveness of Artist’s Statement
  • Ability to Display Artwork

Final works selected will collectively provide a variety of perspectives on the theme of the exhibit and reflect the artistic community of St. Catharines and Niagara.

Submission Deadline: October 25th, 2019 at 5:00pm

Artwork submission information

  1. We are accepting artworks of a variety of media both material and immaterial. Acceptable media include but are not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, performance art, music, poetry, spoken word, etc.
  2. Submission applications will include a photograph or description of the proposed artwork, a completed entry form, and an artist’s statement.
  3. The Artist’s Statement should include the artists name and contact information, title of the work, information about their chosen topic, a description of why their topic is important, and an explanation about how the community can get involved to enact change. Statements should be limited to 500 words maximum. Artist’s statements will be exhibited alongside selected artworks.
  4. Inclusion in the exhibit may involve your work being photographed, in whole or in part. Images may be used for exhibit and promotional purposes (including online/social media), however, copyright of the artworks will remain with the artists.
  5. The Jury’s decision will be final. Accepted artists will be notified by the jury approximately one week before the event. Exhibition will take place in late November. No submissions may be withdrawn or altered once accepted for exhibition. Artworks may be exhibited alongside featured artists from the community.
  6. The Jury reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications and shall not be bound to accept any of them. In addition, we reserve the right at any time to cancel the exhibition or the Call for Submissions.
  7. Successful applicants are responsible for delivering their work as outlined in their acceptance letter. All artwork will be made available for display for the entire period of the exhibition (November 19th to November 29th).
  8. The selected artwork may be considered for acquisition into the Human Rights and Equity Art Collection. Artists will be contacted separately about possible interest.

Important dates

Submission Deadline: October 25th 2019, 5:00pm

Exhibition Dates
Niagara Artists Center (Visual Artworks) November 19
Spoken-Word and Performance Pieces November 20
Digital Exhibition of WorksNovember 19 to 29

How to apply

Please submit the following items for consideration. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • A scan or copy of the completed Entry Form
  • 1-2 digital images of the work (media depending) and/or a description of the proposed work outlining the size and scope of the piece.
  • A 500 word max. Artist’s Statement providing insight into the piece and the artwork’s relationship to the exhibit theme.

Applications can be submitted online at ( or in person to the director of Human Rights and Equity, Leela MadhavaRau (MacKenzie Chown E Block Room 206), or the Brock Art Collective Administration Team.

Please do not submit actual works of art. Submission materials will not be returned.