Residence life staff

Moving into a new community and a new way of living can be challenge, but the residences have been set up to make that transition as smooth as possible. There are people here to help.

Residence Life Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Head Residents

Each residence has a Head Resident who monitors residence life within their respective building. If your Don is not available, you should contact the Head Resident. Head Residents are the leaders of the Residence Life Staff team in their building. They assist in administrative decisions and in residence disciplinary matters.

Residence Don

Every community in Residence has at least one Residence Don. Residence Dons are a one-stop shop for all things residence, providing support to students and directing them to relevant resources. Residence Dons are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of residence through performing rounds and responding in an on-call capacity. Residence Dons facilitate the Residence Curriculum to assist students in building independence, resilience, and emotional intelligence. Residence Dons also facilitate the social aspects of their communities, hosting events for students to get to know each other.

Don of Activities

Dons of Activities (DAs) are placed throughout the residence community. In addition to their general Residence Life Staff responsibilities, DAs are dedicated to running energetic social programs in residence. DAs work as a team to plan inclusive, all-ages events for residence students, and serve as a liaison with the Residence Action Council to maximize the quality, quantity, and variety of event opportunities for residence students.

Residence Education Dons

Residence Education Dons are experienced Residence Life Staff members who assist in the implementation of the Residence Curriculum. They support the curriculum by hosting office hours for Residence Dons to discuss the facilitation of House/Hall/Court/Block Meetings and Intentional Conversations. Residence Education Dons are also responsible for hosting and/or facilitating a variety of Campus Partner Workshops for all residence students. Residence Education Dons work collectively with Residence Dons and the Residence Life Management Team to integrate feedback into the continued development of the Residence Curriculum.