Vacating a residence room

These are the steps that have to be followed when a student moves out of a residence room:

Considering moving out

Confirming departure

  • When the decision to leave has been made, the student can log into and go to the Applicant and Self Serve tab. From there, select the Apply to Residence icon where you initially applied for residence. Click on the button for Early Withdrawal from Residence and complete the form.
  • Admissions staff will send a message to the student’s don, head resident, Residence Life Coordinator, facilities assistant and the facilities supervisor informing them of the student’s intended departure.
  • A student is not considered to have moved out until they have removed all items from their room and completed the check out at their respective service desk.
  • If the departure is from a double room, Admissions staff will contact the student who remains in the room to remind them they should keep the unoccupied portion of the room in such condition that it will be possible for a new roommate to move into the room at any time. This message will be reinforced by the Facilities staff member who does the room inspection if the roommate is present at the time of the inspection. A courtesy message will be sent to inform the remaining student if and when someone new will be moving into the room.

Moving out and room inspections

  • The information you need is contained in our end of term notice. The guidelines for departure throughout the year are the same as for April departures. Please read carefully the section on check-out procedures. You will find detailed instructions in the section called “What do I need to do in my room/unit before I move out?” There is a final checklist in the section called “Before checking out, please ensure that:”
  • If anything is unclear you should send an email to with your questions.

Changing rooms

  • If the departure from a room is because of changing rooms, the same procedure should be followed.
  • If two or more students are swapping rooms, students must go to their service desk together to sign new key cards and swap keys. Each student should return their zippered mattress protector to the Service Desk. They will receive a fresh zippered mattress protector to take to their new room.


  • When a student is evicted they are told the date and time they are expected to leave residence. They should follow the procedure outlined above.
  • In the case of an emergency eviction, the Manager, Residence Life and Student Affairs or a designate shall escort the student to the Service Desk either to have their keys turned in temporarily while an investigation is done, or to be escorted as they remove their belongings from their room/unit and hand in their keys to the Service Desk.