Mediation guidelines

Living in a residence environment requires shared living space with other students. It is not uncommon for conflict to occur.

As a member of the educational community, we believe that managing conflict is an excellent way for students to learn about themselves and how to get along with other people who may not have the same ideals or beliefs. The following outlines the process that students are to take when they encounter a conflict within residence:

  1. Speak to the person(s) involved in the conflict and try to find a resolution on your own in a calm, respectful manner.
  2. If you are unable to come to a resolution on your own, please contact your don. They will act as a neutral third party and assist in finding a mutually agreeable resolution to the conflict.
  3. In the event that the conflict cannot be solved with the assistance of the don, students are encouraged to use their head resident or Residence Life Coordinator as a mediator. If the conflict cannot be resolved, an alternative solution will be implemented.

Please note: Residence Life staff (don, head resident and Residence Life Coordinator) are neutral third parties in any conflict. They will not act as an arbitrator or “judge” and will not make decisions regarding right and wrong when there are no infractions of the residence community guiding principles.