Cannabis in residence

Given the recent changes to both Federal and Provincial legislation with respect to cannabis, changes will be made to the Residence Community Standards. As per section 8.1 of the Residence Agreement, “the University reserves the right to amend or make additional rules and regulations concerning the Residences, which shall form part of this agreement and you agree to be bound by such amendments or additions.”

Updated Standards

Using a harm reduction lens, we have reviewed our standards with respect to smoking, drugs and alcohol in order to develop revised standards relating to cannabis.

Students are not permitted to grow or possess cannabis plants in residence.  The Department of Residences reserves the right to confiscate and destroy any cannabis plants found in residence.

Students may possess up to 30 grams of dried leaf cannabis or the equivalent amount (see table below) of legally-available cannabis product(s), stored in a sealed, scent-proof container.

The distribution of cannabis, alcohol and/or illegal, prescription and/or non-prescription drugs is illegal and as such, prohibited in the residence community.  The possession of trafficking paraphernalia or accessories and/or the possession of more than 30 grams of cannabis may be used as evidence that a student has distributed or will distribute drugs in the future. This standard also prohibits the distribution of drugs or alcohol to underage students.

Students found trafficking drugs or alcohol (exchanging drugs/alcohol in any amount for money and/or property) in residence will be evicted and their case will be forwarded to the Manager, Student Affairs.

The possession of drug paraphernalia in residence is prohibited and the Department of Residences reserves the right to confiscate drug-related paraphernalia. This includes but is not limited to: bongs, pipes, rolling papers, grinders and vaporizers or any items deemed to be associated with use of drugs in residence.

Students in residence are prohibited from being involved with the possession, use, and consumption of illegal, prescription, and/or non-prescription drugs for recreational purposes in the residence community. This includes evidence that a student has used (e.g. returns to residence under the influence of drugs).

Please note that students found to be misusing or in possession of such substances in the residence community will be, at a minimum, suspended from residence on the first offence.

Consuming alcohol or cannabis to the point of extreme intoxication, where a student becomes a burden on staff or friends, or is a danger to themselves and/or the community is prohibited.

Cannabis may not be consumed, stored or used in public areas or any prescribed area (including but not limited to: hallways/corridors, stairwells, elevators, lobbies, foyers, courtyards and common areas/kitchens in Village Residence, front stoops and common areas of Quarry View Residence, Captain John’s Lounge, public and House/Hall lounges, parking lots and Residence Dining Halls).  This includes the use of cannabis in baking or food preparation to produce edible cannabis products.

Students found to be in violation may also be subject to a Provincial Offense Notice or Brock Offense Notice from Campus Security Services. Students who attempt to hide evidence may face additional sanctions in accordance with the standard relating to cooperation with staff.

Smoking/vaping of any substance is not permitted in any buildings at Brock University, including residences. Additionally, as per the university’s Smoking & Vaping Policy, smoking and or vaping cannot occur within 5-meters of any campus building entrances, which includes entrances to residence buildings such as exterior stairwell doors in DeCew, unit front doors or front stoops of Village and Quarry View units, and at the front or back entrances of Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger Residences.

Smoking/vaping of tobacco and/or flavoured vape liquid is acceptable in designated areas only, which will be located 5-meters from any building entrance and 9-meteres away from air intake vents, loading docks and flammable & combustible liquids; please refer to Appendix D for a map of the designated smoking areas on campus.

In accordance with campus policy, smoking/vaping of cannabis is not permitted in any designated smoking area or anywhere on campus.

Hookahs, shisha, e-cigaretttes, vapourizers and similar smoking devices are not permitted for use in residence and as a result will be confiscated upon evidence of inappropriate use. Any student wishing to possess or use a hookah for cultural purposes must seek and receive prior written permission from their Residence Life Coordinator.

Please refer to the Residence Cleanliness Standards for possible additional cleaning costs associated with violating the residence smoking standard.

Federal and Provincial cannabis laws are to be obeyed at all times. Underage use or possession is not permitted in residence. Cannabis products may only be possessed and used by those students who have reached legal age (19 years). Students may be found in violation of this standard when the evidence demonstrates that a student has used cannabis illegally/inappropriately. This includes being under the influence of or possessing cannabis while underage.

Possible Sanctions

The Department of Residences takes an educational approach to student discipline whenever appropriate. This sanction will be used in conjunction with the other sanctioning options available as appropriate.

Cannabis probation

Students on cannabis probation may not: consume cannabis in any residence; possess or have any evidence of possession of cannabis in any residence; come back to any residence after consuming at another location (e.g. an off-campus party). Students caught consuming underage are placed on Cannabis Probation which is in effect until a minimum of two weeks have passed AFTER their nineteenth birthday. Students who create a disturbance after or because of cannabis consumption, violate rules and regulations after or because of intoxication, or demonstrate signs of substance misuse are typically placed on cannabis probation for a specific time period. Students in violation of their cannabis probation may face suspension or eviction from residence. Students on Cannabis Probation are automatically placed on Disciplinary Probation for a period of time. Students who misuse cannabis in residence are also required to complete the “Substance Choices” seminar offered through Student Health Services.

Class of CannabisQuantity equivalent to 1 g of dried cannabisCalculationEquivalency amount
Dried cannabis1 g1 g x 30 =30 g
Fresh cannabis5 g5 g x 30 =150 g
Solids containing cannabis15 g15 g x 30 =450 g
Non-solids containing cannabis70 g70 g x 30 =2,100 g
Cannabis solid concentrates0.25 g0.25 g x 30 =7.5 g
Cannabis non-solid concentrates0.25 g0.25 g x 30 =7.5 g
Cannabis plant seeds1 seed1 seed x 30 =30 seeds

Cannabis on campus

The smoking or vaping of recreational cannabis will not be allowed anywhere on Brock University campuses, including in private or work vehicles, student residences and in any designated smoking areas.