Garbage and recycling

What do we recycle?

Blue box: plastics, cans, metals, glass, polystyrene. Learn more
Grey box: paper, cardboard, boxboard and bundled plastic bags. Learn more

Throughout the school year, usually at the end of each term, various collections programs are held for old clothing, electronics, etc. Unfortunately we are unable to do composting in residence at this time.

Traditional and Semi-Suite residences

Each student is supplied with a garbage can and a small blue recycling bin. There is a garbage and recycling room or area located on each floor in Earp, Vallee, Residence 8 and Lowenberger, and in each lounge in DeCew. Garbage and recycling rooms/areas are emptied regularly by the custodial staff.

Townhouse residences

Each bedroom has a garbage can and a small blue recycling bin. Each townhouse unit is provided with a kitchen garbage can and three large recycling bins (two blue and one grey). Within Village, there are three garbage and recycling centres. In Quarry View, there are two centres. Students must take their garbage and recycling out to these garbage/recycling centres.

The large blue dumpster is for garbage only, including organics. The large lime green dumpsters are for single stream recycling. This means that students in townhouses do not need to sort their blue/grey box recycling before placing it in the dumpster. To avoid contaminating the recycling, it is important that garbage and organics are not put into the lime green dumpsters.

Visit Brock’s sustainability website for more information on campus-wide programs and initiatives.