Meal plan FAQ

The meal plan’s flexibility allows you to use it at all Brock Dining Services locations: DeCew and Lowenberger Dining Halls, Guernsey Market, and The Hungry Badger located in the Walker Complex.

Savings: Purchasing a meal plan will save you money. Meal plans are tax free in the first year they are purchased.
Convenience: You do not have to carry cash on campus.
Flexibility: You can use your meal plan at all Brock Dining Services locations.
Security: If your card is missing or lost, deactivate your card online and then contact the Brock Card office for assistance in locating your card or obtaining a replacement.

Students who live in a traditional/semi-suite residence must purchase a traditional/semi-suite meal plan. The default meal plan for students in a traditional/semi-suite residence is the regular plan ($4,075), but you may choose any of the four mandatory plans (basic – $3,475, light – $3,825, regular – $4,075 or varsity – $4,325). Students who live in a townhouse/non-Brock suites residence must purchase a townhouse meal plan. The default meal plan for students in a townhouse/non-Brock suites residence is the townhouse meal plan. The cost of your meal plan will automatically be added to your student account.

Your meal card is your Brock Card. Bring it with you when you visit food services locations. You will not be able to use your meal plan without it.

Once you have selected a meal plan package there is no activation needed. Meal plan funds will not be available on your card until Move-In Day.

Please contact Brock Dining Services at 905-688-5550 x5849 to discuss.

No tax is applied when you purchase a meal plan or flex dollars. Tax is applied when you make retail purchases depending on what you buy. Most of the food purchased on campus with your meal plan is tax-exempt.

You can use flex dollars to pay for your guest’s meal. Meal plan dollars are for your meals only.

For your convenience and speed of service, the cash terminal is programmed to use your meal plan first at DeCew/Lowenberger Dining Halls, Guernsey Market and The Hungry Badger.

The cash terminals at Brock Dining Services locations will display the combined meal plan and flex dollars funds you have left. You can also check your flex dollar balance online. You can also check you balance by calling the Brock Card office during business hours. In most cases, vendor receipts received after a purchase at Brock Dining Services food outlets will also show your combined balance.

Students living in Decew, Vallee, Earp and Lowenberger are required to purchase a traditional/semi-suite meal plan which has a standard amount of either  $3,475(Basic), $3,825 (Light), $4,075 (Regular) or $4,325 (Varsity) plus $300 flex dollars. Students living in Quarry View and Village (non-Brock suites) are required to purchase a townhouse meal plan which has a standard amount of $1,875. To change your meal plan, simply fill out the meal plan purchase form and select the meal plan you want. You will not be billed twice for changing your meal plan. Students can have only one meal plan at a time. If you find that your meal plan is too large, please call or visit our office by Sept. 30, 2018. Please remember that the funds will carry over into the next year as taxable dollars.

Please visit the Brock Card office to notify us and complete a refund request form. We will confirm your departure with the Department of Residences, if this applies, and issue a refund/adjustment request to Brock’s Finance Department, which will review your financial status and either process the refund or adjust your student finance account. The refund/adjustment requested will be based on a prorated monthly amount and include a processing fee.

Any flex dollars that are unused will roll over to the next year or they can be refunded. A processing fee will apply for refunds. Any unused meal plan dollars will also carry over to the next academic year but will move to a taxable plan that can only be used at Brock Dining Services locations on campus. Please note: There is a one-week blackout period after the last day of exams in April for reconciliation purposes. During this time your meal plan dollars will not be accessible. You can still access flex dollars. Should you leave Brock, any unused meal plan dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Returning to Brock with meal plan carryover? Please see our Dining Services Dollars tab for more information.

If your card is lost or stolen, you may deactivate your card to protect your meal plan and flex dollars online using the ‘Deactivate Card’ feature. Then contact the Brock Card office for more information and assistance. If you find your lost card, contact the Brock Card office for assistance in reactivating your card.