Niagara Grape & Wine Festival

Homecoming at the Niagara Grape & Wine Festival has been a fan favourite event that showcases the University’s close ties to the local grape and wine industry.

While we cannot gather in Montebello Park like the past, Saturday will highlight Brock’s partnership with the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival, with the University serving as title sponsor of the Centre Stage Saturdays concert being livestreamed from 6 to 10 p.m. Brock Oenology and Viticulture alumni working in the wine industry will be featured throughout the broadcast. We’re proud to feature them here.


“Super Wine Girl”

Alumni Winemakers

We’re proud to highlight Brock alumni winemakers participating in the 2020 Niagara Grape & Wine Festival, Canada’s largest wine festival.

Emma Garner (BSc ’04), Thirty Bench Wine Makers

Tom Green (BSc ’01) & Jessica Wallace (OEVC ’08), Lakeview Wine Co.

Angela Kasimos (OEVC ’06), Hernder Estate Winery

Alex Kolundzic (BSc ’04), Pillitteri Estates

Mitchell McCurdy (BSc ’18), Marynissen Estate Winery

Eric Pearson (BSc ’04), Konzelmann Estate Winery

Richie Roberts (BSc ’04), Fielding Estate Winery

Jason Roller (BSc ’04), Peller Estates

Brock Badgers at Niagara Grape & Wine

Check out features from fellow Badger winemakers in Niagara.

Alex Kolundzic (BSc ’04)

Pillitteri Estates Winery

Eric Pearson (BSc ’04)

Konzelmann Estate Winery

Richie Roberts (BSc ’04)

Fielding Estate Winery

Jessica Wallace (OEVC ’08)

Lakeview Wine Co.

Mitchell McCurdy (BSc ’18)

Marynissen Estates

Angela Kasimos (OEVC ’06)

Hernder Estate Wines

Emma Garner (BSc ’04)

Thirty Bench Wine Makers

Jason Roller (BSc ’04)

Peller Estates

 Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute at Brock University

Message from the Director

CCOVI is evolving, and it’s an exciting place to be.

Established in 1996, in partnership with Grape Growers of Ontario and the Wine Council of Ontario, CCOVI is an internationally recognized institute focused on research priorities of Canada’s grape and wine industry and the education and outreach needs of that community.

As the institute has grown, we’ve taken our research and services beyond the science disciplines of oenology and viticulture and expanded our activities to look at all areas of the grape and wine value chain such as wine business, policy research and agri-tourism.

We’re also working to develop new opportunities for Ontario’s wine research cluster and to strengthen Canada’s national grape and wine strategy. This is being achieved by creating multidisciplinary research networks under CCOVI’s lead. In Ontario, CCOVI’s working with institutions such as Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, the University of Guelph and Niagara College. Nationally, CCOVI has formed a coast-to-coast network with Acadia University’s Atlantic Wine Institute in Nova Scotia and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in British Columbia.

As CCOVI’s grown, three important areas have been at the core of what we do. We’ve focused our research on industry needs that help increase the growth, profitability and sustainability of the Canadian industry; provided education opportunities to train the industry leaders of tomorrow; and provided international conferences and events that have helped raise the profile of Canadian wine globally.

As we continue to grow and expand, CCOVI will continue to partner ever more closely with the industry that helped create us back in 1996, working with the grape and wine community to achieve the goals we all share.

Debbie Inglis,
CCOVI Director