Student Health Services staff directory

Student Health Services embraces the Health Equity Framework and is committed to providing health services tailored to the needs of students.

For a full listing of Student Health Services staff, please visit the Brock University directory. More contact information and hours of operation can be found on our contact page.


  • Dr. Amanda Butera
  • Dr. Anjali Kundi
  • Dr. Chen Jin
  • Dr. Deanna Tripodi
  • Dr. Deborah Wilkes-Whitehall (eating disorder specialist)
  • Dr. Diana Ellingham
  • Dr Emma Unho
  • Dr. Jorin Lukings
  • Dr. Natalie Nova
  • Dr. Nathalie Leroux
  • Dr. Sarah Chaudhry
  • Jenna Amoruso
  • Amy Bolduc

Nursing staff

  • Stephanie M
  • Tina
  • Jinnie
  • Lynn
  • Jacqueline
  • Debbie
  • Stephanie C
  • Ashley (MHN)
  • Melanie (MHN)
  • Rounak (MHN)
  • Kelly
  • Susan


  • , Student wellness and accessibility centre

Clinic manager

  • Mehroon,┬áStudent health services

Finance officer/Billing Coordinator

  • Gail,┬áStudent health services
  • Kimmy Samra

Health promotion educator

  • Bobbie, Student health services
  • Julie,┬áStudent health services

Student Services Coordinator

Hataw Mahmoudi; Devina Stajcer; Jenny Phiavanh; Sharmaine Amboy; Zara Upal

Naomi Christopher -Office Admin