Start with Strategies Conference 2024

The 19th annual Start with Strategies conference offers sessions designed to address the unique needs of incoming first-year students with a documented permanent or temporary disability or health condition.

“It’s the best first step you can make to being successful at Brock.”
– Program participant


Connect with other first-year students and hear from current students about their first-year experiences.


Learn about the many services and supports available to you while you are at Brock.


Explore the strategies needed for a successful first year.

Classroom with students

What to expect

Start with Strategies helps students succeed in post-secondary education by providing tools, skills, and support for a positive and empowering transition from high school to university.

The conference offers engaging sessions, informative discussions, and highlights campus services to develop independence, self-advocacy skills, and work ethic.

Attendees can expect a smooth and successful transition to university, making the conference an enriching experience.

Conference Options

One-day Conference

A full day of sessions tailored to the unique needs of students with disabilities.

Aug 15
$20 registration fee

Welcome kit
Brock swag
Prize draws (iPad bundle, gift cards)


Three-day Conference

More sessions, campus life, community and residence life.

Jul 14 – 16
$100 registration fee

Welcome kit
Brock swag
Prize draws (iPad bundle, gift cards)

Online resources

Information and resources if you can’t attend in-person

Aug 1 – 30

Conference Sessions and Comparison

One Day ConferenceThree Day ConferenceOnline Resources
Understand your disability-
Navigating mental health supports
Assistive technology
Time management
Setup accommodations-
Learning strategies -
Student groups - -
One Day ConferenceThree Day ConferenceOnline Resources
Brightspace LMS -
Academic advising -
Learning Services-
Seminar essentials
Personalized campus tours-
Senior student Q and A -
Meet an instructor -
One Day ConferenceThree Day ConferenceOnline Resources
Meal plan -
Overnight residence stay - -
Campus activities - -
Team-building activities-
Public transit - -
Downtown excursion - -

Still Deciding?

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or other documented disabilities (medical, mental health, sensory, etc.) entering their first year at Brock.

Strategies participants are better prepared, more confident, and experience a smoother transition into university life.

Embrace the entire Strategies experience by attending three days of sessions and stay in the on-campus residence. If you are unable to commit to three days, then the one-day option is a great alternative.

“I very much enjoyed this program as it answered all of my questions and made me feel ready for my transition to Brock in an online environment”

“I’m glad I got the opportunity to take the program. Learning more about Brock and what to expect in the fall was very helpful and helped reduce my anxiety.”

“Strategies gave me a head start on the road to success”

“My parents forced me to come but I am so happy I did. I enjoyed the entire thing”

“Overall, this was an incredibly enjoyable experience which made me much more at ease with going to Brock in the fall.”

“It’s reassuring to be able to identify with others who are in a similar situation, and an excellent way to make friends before the start of term.”

“Every student thinking about going to Strategies should go. It is a rewarding experience.”

“The program provided lots of information about the early transition to university and the likely hurdles that come. The program provided tips and materials that had useful and practical information.”

“This session helped me more than months of personal planning and exploration would have. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. This is definitely a needed introduction to Brock for any student.”

“Helped made the transition to university easier and I learned how to use the resources I would need to make first year easier for me.”

Join us at Brock University

The Start With Strategies program is funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.