Campus Connections

Brock Campus Connections

  • Unsure how to navigate life at Brock?
  • Want to enhance your opportunities on campus?
  • Looking for resources to improve your university experience?
  • Want to meet new people?

Make an online appointment with one of our Link Workers. Link Workers are graduate students trained to guide you through your Campus Connections journey.

Let us assist you forming connections based on your interests, passions, and goals. This may include connecting you with activities, clubs or volunteering. We can even go with you on your first day of a club meeting, for example, to help ease any anxiety you may have about trying something new.

Watch the videos, below, if you are interested in more information.. or click the button to make an appointment. Let’s get started!

How can Campus Connections help me?

Benefits of Social Prescribing - A Quick Overview

What is Campus Connections?

Brock University’s Campus Connections is a unique program aimed at enhancing the university experience by helping students connect beyond classes. It focuses on assisting students in forming connections based on their interests, passions, and goals. By encouraging exploration of various activities and clubs on and around campus, Campus Connections provides opportunities aligned with what is important to them. The main goal is to create a supportive community where students can engage with like-minded peers and build lasting relationships.

Making the most of these opportunities is made easier with our Link Workers – graduate students trained to guide students through their Campus Connections journey. Acting as personal connectors, they help bridge the gap between students’ interests and available resources. Students are invited to book an appointment with a Link Worker which will start a students personalized journey to discover activities, clubs, and volunteering opportunities tailored to students’ interests.