Student resources

Our students are a critical part of each program as they make us different from other exercise programs. Student volunteers are from our Kinesiology and Health Sciences Programs pursuing careers in rehabilitation, medicine, physiotherapy and other healthcare related professions.

By working within our programs, volunteers get an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. They also develop professional skills in dealing with specific populations. Our students are there to encourage, motivate and challenge our members through program progression, as well as ensure their safety.

  • HLSC 3P95 Heart Strong
  • HLSC 3P33/3P30/4P30 – Internships and directed reading
  • KINE 3P99/4P99/4F91 – Advanced Topics in Kinesiology and Physical Education (Thesis/Project)
  • KINE 4F16 Power Cord
  • KINE 4P12 SeniorFit
  • Fit Link

Master of Professional Kinesiology (MPK)

The Master of Professional Kinesiology (MPK) program is designed to train students as leading practitioners in the healthcare system.

St. Catharines Transit

As a Brock student, a bus pass is included in your tuition & fees. Be sure to get your sticker in September and you will be able to get around the city.

If you are travelling Southbound on Glenridge Ave (towards Campus), the nearest transit stop is Sovereign Drive. If you are travelling Northbound (towards Downtown) the nearest transit stop is Woodside Dr. however, the stop to the nearest intersection with traffic lights is Glendale Avenue. The walk from Glenridge Ave and Lockhart Drive to our location is 1.2 km or approximately 15 minutes.

Please take appropriate precautions when travelling to our location.