About the Centre

We aim to enhance quality of life across the lifespan through our unique programs that focus on exercise and physical activity. We’re proud to have a facility that encourages a healthy lifestyle where a variety of populations can exercise with the support of dedicated students, faculty and staff at the Centre, while at the same time conducting leading edge research.

Facilities information

The Brock-Niagara Centre for Health and Well-Being is a 6700 square foot gym, fully equipped to meet all exercise needs. This includes over 1800 square feet of studio space for exercise classes, stretching, and free weights. There are men’s and women’s restrooms/change rooms, each including a private shower.

The following equipment is available for all members:

  • Treadmills
  • Arc-trainers, ellipticals, rowers, recumbent and upright bicycles
  • Arm ergometers
  • A variety of strength machines:
    • Leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and hip adduction/abduction
    • Chest press, seated row, and lat pull-down
    • Biceps curl, triceps extension, and shoulder press
    • Abdominal and low back
  • Dumbbells ranging from 1-95 lbs, weighted bars, and medicine balls
  • Resistance tubing
  • Stability balls
  • Balance training equipment:
    • BOSUs, balance boards, balance pods, and balance disks
    • Core boards
    • Agility ladders
    • Steps
    • Foam rollers

The facility contains several types of wheelchair accessible exercise equipment, including:

  • Wheelchair accessible weight training
  • Wheelchair accessible aerobic exercise
  • Body-weight supported treadmill training
  • High-intensity circuit training
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES) exercise

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