Research Communication Challenges

Calling all storytellers, aspiring film makers, social media masters, data journalists, and policy makers!  As a graduate student, you may be seeking opportunities throughout your graduate journey that mutually support your research progress and enhance professional learning. Communication challenges are unique short term project opportunities to showcase your research, strengthen communication skills and multi-media talents.

Here are some of the benefits you may derive;

  • energize passion for your research project,
  • hone or develop your communication and digital media skills,
  • create evidence of your skills (video of your presentation skills is akin to a digital resume)
  • share your research with the broader community,
  • extend the reach of your professional network,
  • potential to win cash prizes and earn professional cache

Find a communication challenge that suits the professional skills you would like to develop and provides you with an outlet to amplify your talents. Review the challenges below, select one, follow our communication self-study guides to help you get started.