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Presentation Workshop Series

Performing the Text

Performing the text will help you learn strategies to relax and prepare your mind and body for a presentation, connect your voice with gestures, hook your audience with a compelling ‘opener’ and rehearse techniques to minimize performance anxiety. Graduate students looking to enhance their general presentation skills or planning to participate in any knowledge translation communication challenge are invited (the 3MT® competition, SSHRC Storytellers or Science, Action!).  REGISTRATION required.  Limited space.

Facilitator:  Julia Course, a graduate of Brock University, holding an honours B.A. from the Department of Dramatic Arts and a minor in English Language and Literature.

Turning Big Ideas into Short Stories

During this session we’ll provide an overview of the 3MT® Challenge and provide you with a few strategies to get you started. Together we’ll review past 3MT® presentation winners to unpack the elements for delivering a compelling and engaging presentation. As a group, we’ll look at the classic story arch and rhetorical moves that will be an essential process and framework for constructing your script. 

Selling the (research) story

During this session we will ‘work’ through the components of a well structured story and explore the usage of various rhetorical devices. Using a graphical story sketch, you will work with the group to further develop, share and provide creative feedback for your story plan.

Elements of Rhythm

As you begin to refine your short research story, we’ll review performance & memory devices to engage the audience. We’ll discuss the use of gestures, elements of rhythm and repetition, verb strength, pauses, sentence length,etc.

The Final Frontier

During this final coaching session, we’ll provide you with an overview of what to expect during the preliminary 3MT® event. Previous 3MT® Winner, Carly MaGee, will share some of her preparation practices, memorization aids and tips for staying calm and grounded.

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3MT® Presentation Preparation Resources

To help you get a sense of how to effectively prepare for the 3MT challenge, there are a number of  online resources provided here:

Watch videos from past competitions: