Pascal Michelberger

M.A. Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts

Research Adviser: Dr. Cristina Santos

Program Entry Date: Fall 2016

Research Topic

My MRP was dedicated to fictional representations of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). In an interdisciplinary approach comparing Álex de la Iglesia’s film ‘The Last Circus’ to Carlos Giménez’ collection of comic books ‘Malos tiempos’, I explored the close connections between narrative strategies pertaining to the horror genre and the portrayal of a society suffering an ideologically motivated civil war. The project’s intention was to show the ways in which fictional representation of history enables a young Spanish society to engage with an oppressed national past, while at the same time creating a platform for open dialogue that stands in opposition to a political climate of silence and forgetting.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a graduate student, and how did you overcome them?

As a graduate student, you are required to work a lot more independently, which can be quite intimidating at first. However, the great support I received from my graduate supervisor and my professors here at Brock helped me to quickly develop a sense of confidence in my own academic work.

What makes Brock stand out for you?

Being an international student at Brock, I felt greatly appreciated for my personal cultural background and encouraged to use my intercultural skills while pursuing my professional career in academia here in Canada.

What are your tips for thriving in grad school?

Time management definitely is key in grad school, especially considering the extensive amount of readings, presentations, and papers you might be facing. Try to come up with a weekly schedule that helps you stay on top of things, and try to stick to it. You will be thankful at the end of the term!

Do you feel your degree has prepared you for your plans academically and otherwise?

My degree at Brock has helped me to become a more independent scholar and person. I especially feel the set of intercultural skills I acquired through my program have a great influence on my current work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

What are your next steps?

After graduating from the M.A. program in Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts at Brock, I took a year off from school to live and work in Europe. Now, I am back in Canada pursuing my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature.