Matt Guest

MSc in Chemistry

Research adviser: Travis Dudding

Program entry date: Winter 2018

My name is Matt Guest and I am currently in my second year of a Master of Science degree specializing in organic chemistry. My thesis is focused on working with a chemical compound called a cyclopropenium that has a great deal of impressive and highly applicable characteristics. With this chemical compound, I am working on developing a class of small organic fluorescent molecules, or fluorophores, with various applications including light emitting diodes (LEDs) and chemical sensors. As well, these applications include labelling and tracking of relevant biological molecules for the understanding of complex biological systems, with potential for use in drug development.

My advisor, Dr. Travis Dudding, allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to research in his lab which has allowed me to develop both experimental and computational biochemical skills that have aided in my overall understanding of the diverse world of science. These skills, in conjunction with the opportunity to explore biological research and the techniques that come along with it, have expanded my knowledge, preparing me for a career in the sciences.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to publish my results in high-impact peer-reviewed journals that allow both the Dudding Group and Brock University to have exposure in the advancing field of bioorganic research. This research has also allowed me to travel to various conferences from the Graduate Student Symposium at the University at Buffalo to Quebec City to attend the Canadian Chemistry Conference. These opportunities have allowed me to connect with other graduate students, professors, and industry professionals, all aiding me in my future career and endeavours.

The teaching assistantships at Brock University have also allowed me to sharpen my teaching skills by instructing second- and third-year university students in organic chemistry labs. In addition, my time at Brock University has enabled me to hold scholarships from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council as well the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, aiding in the development of my research. Furthermore, my experience in the chemistry department at Brock University, has provided me with excellent training for a career in chemical industry and academia.

In summary, my program and supervisor at Brock University have allowed me to develop my critical thinking, scientific writing, and presentation skills, along with a diverse understanding of scientific knowledge. These attributes have prepared me to achieve my goals in life and for a future career in scientific research either in academia or industry.