Kevin Krumrei

MA in philosophy – MRP STREAM

Research adviser: Michael Berman

Program entry date: Fall 2002

Research topic: Kierkegaardian Intersubjectivity and the Question of Ethics and Responsibility

My name is Kevin Krumrei, and this is my #BrockGradStory. I completed an MA in Philosophy at Brock, graduating in 2005. It was great to have the opportunity to go in depth into topics I had been introduced to as an undergrad student at Brock, and work with faculty members who helped me to develop my intellectual abilities. But the degree experience was much more than that. Working with faculty and studying with such a diverse group of students opened my mind to new perspectives and opportunities. I was able to hone “soft skills” like negotiation and critical thinking, how to write reports, making presentations, connecting and networking with peers, and time management. My background in philosophy was essential for the grad programs I moved on to after my first MA, but more than that, as a professional now working in the field of Records Management, I find myself referencing concepts I learned in my time as a Philosophy student at Brock: epistemology, metaphysics and ethics, to name a few. I still think back to the skills I learned as a TA, leading seminars, grading papers, and working with students to help them achieve their goals. Now I find myself working at Brock, helping to develop a records management program across all units and departments of the University, and I am constantly making use of the things I learned and the experiences I had at Brock. It was a lot more than just a degree, it really was the foundation for the success I had after graduating as I moved on to other programs, and now in my current professional capacity.