Justin Maltese

MSc in computer science, ALUMNI

Program entry date: Fall 2015

Current Job: AI Software Developer at Amazon

My name is Justin Maltese, and this is my #BrockGradStory. I graduated from Brock in June of 2016 and have been working in industry ever since. For my masters thesis in computer science, I devised intelligent computer algorithms to tackle challenging mathematical optimization problems, which are computationally intractable to solve by human intellect alone. From this thesis, I published work in 2 conference papers and 1 internally-recognized IEEE journal. It was an absolutely fantastic experience and I learned a ton about how to properly execute research!

While I heavily considered doing my PhD in computer science after I graduated, I ultimately decided that my calling was found in industry. I have been at Amazon as an AI software development engineer for over a year now, building cool things that help shape the future of humanity. I am constantly challenged every day, and I find that my experience at Brock helps me persevere and solve challenging intellectual problems at Amazon.

Due to Brock’s smaller size, I was able to develop excellent relationships with professors which ultimately helped me get to where I am at today. I am extremely thankful for these opportunities and wholeheartedly believe that my experience at Brock helped positively shape my career.