Jamie Barratt

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Master of Education

My name is Jaime Barratt, and this is my Brock Grad Story! Throughout my time in the Master of Education program, I have been afforded countless opportunities for personal and academic growth – all of which made me who I am today! During my first year, I enrolled in an independent study course, where I created the mobile app, DPA4U, to provide elementary teachers an all-in-one resource for implementing Daily Physical Activity in their classrooms.

While employed as a research assistant, an incredible opportunity arose – I was accepted to co-present findings from my research assistantship at an international conference in Budapest, Hungary! I am fortunate to have also been involved in an initiative called, ‘SEESAW: Supporting, Encouraging, & Engaging children in Safe & Active Wellbeing’. The aim of SEESAW is to support educators in childcare settings, with the promotion of physical activity in young children. My passion for promoting healthy active living in early years contexts, specifically for preschool-aged children, grew! Thus, my graduate thesis was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of SEESAW, and educators’ perspectives about the initiative.

I know for certain that these accomplishments were only made possible with the endless support from my mentors, supervisors, professors, and peers. I can proudly say my graduate experience has been nothing short of incredible!