Daniel Cursio

Daniel Cursio

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MEd – Teaching, Learning and Development

Research Adviser: Dr. Chunlei Lu

Program Entry Date: Fall 2017

What is your current status in the program? I have graduated from the program.

Research Topic
My research analyzes and discusses the placement/praxis of First Aid Education within provincial and territorial school health curricula across Canada.

What made you choose Brock?
Being a recent graduate from the concurrent education program, I wanted to challenge myself. Knowing that I am motivated to work in a career path toward education, I was admitted to and completed the MEd – Research pathway program; specializing in Teaching, Learning and Development.

What have you learned in your graduate education that you would share with future or current students?
The professional development, networking, knowledge building and academic encouragement were all key components to my success. The professors were there to support you with everything. Allowing you to truly learn at your own speed, while completing something amazing.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a graduate student, and how did you overcome them?
Often, people are deterred to enter grad school by their schedules, timelines, or busy life. There were difficulties when balancing my own schedule, however the support from the faculty and staff helped me to overcome these obstacles. The Brock members truly work with you to help you along the way, making even the busiest of timelines appear easily attainable.

What services have you used to help you overcome any challenges?
I have used a few services at Brock, yet the faculty and staff provided the best service possible. They were always available and were ready to help with anything. There was also plenty of space to study and complete my tasks as a grad student.

What makes Brock stand out for you?
The practical elements in graduate education that a lot of universities miss, Brock successfully implements. By connecting my learning to my own experiences, I was able to apply my skills and knowledge in a synthesized experience.

What are your tips for thriving in grad school?
As a grad student, I highly recommend you are open, communicate, work-hard, and reflect.

Do you feel your degree has prepared you for your plans academically and otherwise?
My degree has definitely prepared my for my anticipated career trajectory. The skills and knowledge that I’ve learned along the way has helped me become the scholar I am today. With everything learned, I have continued my studies into a PhD program at a different university.

What are your next steps?
With the skills and knowledge that I have developed along the way, I will use them and reflect on my past experiences that Brock has provided.