Aynur Rabbani

Master of education – course STREAM

Program entry date: Fall 2018

Research Topic
I am researching Islamophobia in high schools in Ontario as experienced by students and the action taken by teachers and administrators. Are all experiences of Islamophobic micro and macroaggressions always reported? If they are, what is done to address, resolve, and what plans are put in place to prevent further Islamophobic harassment? If they are not reported, I’d like to research why students did not feel comfortable or compelled to report. Is it a lack of confidence in the teachers and administrators, is there shame attached or have Islamophobic interactions become normalized in the lives of high school students in Ontario?

What made you choose Brock?

The option of taking courses at the satellite campus at Appleby College opened up access that I would not have otherwise had to pursuing the MEd.

What have you learned in your graduate education that you would share with future or current students?

I have learned that there are amazing resources available for research and phenomenal librarians who will go out of their way to guide you towards journals, papers and articles.

What are your tips for thriving in grad school?

Be organized and keep all the due dates in mind. Plan out your week and month as you may have things due on the same day or week. Keep all your notes well organized and start a bibliography of all your readings for easy reference.

How is being a graduate student different from being an undergraduate student?

Its not even comparable! The level of discipline and self-directed learning is completely different at the graduate level. The readings are intense and the assignments aren’t just directed towards summarizing but rather synthesizing and critical reflection.