Aniqah Zowmi

photo of aniqah

Program: MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies

Advisor: MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies

My research project title is: A Feminist, Anti-Colonialist Perspective on Social Enterprise

My name is Aniqah Zowmi, and this is my Brock Grad Story. I completed my B.Sc. (Hons.) at Brock University in 2017, and chose to return to Brock University based on my exceptional experience as an undergraduate student – experiences I was confident would only become more intimate and personal in a Master’s program. I transitioned from the pure sciences into a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies, and was impressed with the ways in which Brock’s graduate program provides a solid foundation for intensive research in the social sciences.

My Master’s Major Research Project is focused on the intersection of feminist theory, anti-colonialist theory, and social enterprise. Based on my previous experience as a social enterprise coach and facilitator, with a focus on youth engagement, I identified a gap in programming as it relates to feminist and anti-colonialist understandings of social enterprise. The amazing aspect of Brock’s graduate programs being individually-driven is the nature in which students can pursue passion projects in a formalized manner. This makes the journey to an MA incredibly enjoyable!

In addition, Brock’s flexible programming has facilitated my pursuit of extra-curricular opportunities outside of my MA. My engagement has ranged from co-authoring the first youth-led UNESCO publication, #YouthWagingPeace: A Youth-Led Guide on Preventing Violent Extremism through Education, to serving as a Youth Advisor to the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. I am currently stationed in Amman, Jordan, working in the humanitarian coordination sector with the Italian NGO ‘Un Ponte Per…’, and without Brock’s flexibility and support, I would not have been able to adjust my MA timeline to facilitate this dream come true.