GRADvantage: Wellness Promoter

Skill areas: Community involvement Holistic well-being Interpersonal interactions Personal awareness and growth Practicing equity, diversity, and inclusion

As a graduate student, you are balancing much more than just your studies, which makes wellness an important component of your experience. Our personal wellness impacts all other areas of our lives, including our studies, our work, and our relationships with others. Developing skills and strategies in this area will support your well-being and the well-being of the communities you belong to.

Wellness promoters focus on growth and development. They work to fine tune their interpersonal skills and find ways to better support others. They foster inclusivity and strive to work effectively across differences. They seek to make meaningful contributions to the communities they belong to.

Campus Partners & Offerings

The Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre can play a key role in helping you thrive as a graduate student by supporting your mental and physical health and well-being through:

Questions? Contact the SWAC team here.

If you’re a graduate student, you’re already a member of the GSA! As a member of this association, you are encouraged to:

  • Access valuable services and helpful mental health and wellness tools
  • Get involved by becoming an Executive or joining the Board of Directors or various committees
  • See workshops and events on GSA’s ExperienceBU page

Questions? Contact the GSA at

HRE provides services, supports, and training pertaining to accessibility, anti-racism, gender and sexual violence, and intercultural awareness. We encourage you to:

Questions? Contact the HRE team here.

Connect with others, build community, and make an impact by taking advantage of opportunities offered by Student Life & Success:

On ExperienceBU, see the Community Engagement & Volunteering and Student Life pages for opportunities and event listings.

Questions? Contact the Student Life team at

Aboriginal students are encouraged to visit the Aboriginal Student Services site to:

  • Explore academic and cultural supports and services
  • Learn about the Gathering Place for Good Minds, a welcoming space on campus
  • Arrange a virtual orientation to learn more about services and supports

Questions? Contact a member of the Aboriginal Student Services team.

International students are encouraged to visit the International Services site to:

See ExperienceBU for Brock International’s workshop and event listings.

Questions? Contact the International Services team via this form

Take advantage of religious and secular opportunities offered by Faith & Life, including:

Questions? Contact the Faith & Life team at