GRADvantage: Practiced Professional

Key Skills Communication Digital literacy and online tools Leadership Project management Teamwork and collaboration

In the words of David Meister, “Professional is not a label you give yourself – it’s a description you hope others will apply to you “. Building your skills in this focus area will help you make a positive impression on others both during and after your graduate studies and help you establish yourself as a trusted professional in your chosen field.

Practiced professionals can step up and take the lead when needed but they also work well with others in a team setting. They communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. They are often skilled at managing people, projects, or both. They seek to leverage technology to get things done efficiently and to use their knowledge to create new opportunities.

Campus Partners & Offerings

Develop your leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills with Student Life & Success through:

On ExperienceBU, see the Leadership Programs, Community Engagement & Volunteering and Student Life pages for opportunities and event listings.

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Communicating effectively through writing, collaborating with others, and using online learning tools proficiently will help you succeed in your academic and research pursuits. Get support from A-Z Learning Services:

  • Book a 1: 1 appointment with a Learning Skills Specialist by contacting and sharing your program of study and what you would like help with
  • Explore their helpful resources
  • Complete BU 101 – Graduate Studies, an online skill development program (on Sakai)
  • See workshops and events on A-Z’s ExperienceBU page

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The Digital Scholarship Lab is your source for support in all things related to digital and data, including help with your academic projects and learning to use new tools:

  • Access their helpful tools and tutorials resources
  • Book their space or request to use their state-of-the-art visualization wall
  • See workshops and events on DSL’s ExperienceBU page

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Get access to technology, services, and collaborative learning opportunities to build your technological know-how and skills with The Makerspace:

  • Use and get help with their technology, including equipment (hardware) and software tools
  • Access their comprehensive consultation design services
  • Get started with their online tutorials
  • See ExperienceBU page for Makerspace’s workshop and event listings

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International students are encouraged to visit the Academic Support site to take advantage of a variety of great offerings, including:

See workshop offerings on Academic Skills ExperienceBU page.

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