GRADvantage Week

GRADvantage Week is an annual event for graduate students offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies every fall. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sessions designed to help support them on their academic and professional development journeys. We welcome graduate students to register for this year’s sessions on Experience BU here.

All graduate students are invited to participate in GRADvantage Week – a week of workshops designed to help them succeed in graduate school.

Thank you for attending GRADvantage Week 2023!

2023 GRADvantage Week Workshops

MAXIMIZING your graduate school experience

Monday, Sept. 25
10:30 A.M.
RFP 214

Explore the opportunities available to you as a graduate student to engage in skill development workshops, participate in research competitions, and/or share your research at a conference. We will also introduce you to the new GRADvantage framework and ways in which to take advantage of the support and services available to you as a graduate student. Your grad ambassadors will be available to answer questions and share their first-hand experience!

Top Library Tips for GRAD Students – Support from Start to finish

Monday, Sept. 25
1 P.M.
RFP 214

As a graduate student, you may have many questions about conducting research and sharing your findings in your classes – maybe even as a TA or lecturer. The library is here to help! In this session, you’ll learn the ins and outs of library services, spaces, and resources that are curated just for you as a graduate student and your many roles, how to develop a successful literature search strategy and find the perfect scholarly content to support your research, where to find other students’ theses, how to get help with citation management, data management, and more.
Please bring your questions!

Planning your Term

Tuesday, Sept. 26
10 A.M.
st 103

Graduate students have a lot to do! You might need to attend classes, find time to write your MRP or thesis and teach a class or seminar. It can feel overwhelming very quickly!  Join us for this step-by-step workshop to plan your term. You will create your own term calendar and learn strategies for planning and organizing your different commitments.  

*Please bring your course syllabi and details for any other commitments that need to be put into your schedule.  

Find Your Why as a Graduate Student

Tuesday, Sept. 26
1 P.M.
st 103

Why do you do what you do? What gives you fire in your belly? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What is your WHY?
Your WHY is unique to you, just like your fingerprint. Join us in this interactive workshop where we will explore your unique passions, strengths and discover your purpose. Throughout the session we will be discussing how understanding your Why can support you in achieving your goals and becoming becoming an impactful, inspiring, and transformative leader, benefitting your studies, your career and your life.

Student Service Fair

Tuesday, Sept. 26
1 p.m.
Market Hall

Success and Wellness Day will help students better navigate the many student support services at Brock University. Join Brock’s service partners to learn more about what supports and resources they offer and are available to graduate students.

Teaching Tales

Wednesday, Sept. 27
10:30 a.m.

Join us to hear from experienced TAs and Instructors from Brock! The Teaching Tales Panel provides an opportunity to ask questions and hear stories about the experiences of TAs and busting myths and talking successes! We will be collecting questions for the TA Panel throughout CPI’s September workshops and events.

graduate writing café

Wednesday, Sept. 27
rfp 216

Need motivation to get work done? All graduate students are welcome to join our writing community every Wednesday from noon-2:00pm either online or in-person at the Research Impact Hub (RFP 216). Writing Café is like a mini writing retreat! The main Café is dedicated to quiet time to work on any stage of your writing (including planning, reading, and research). Specialists in writing, research, and other academic skills will be available to answer questions and provide support. There may also be a short skill-developing activity during the first 15 minutes of the Café. You are welcome to bring your lunch. Free snacks and hot beverages will be provided. There will be a short break period around 1:00pm for those who wish to chat and connect.

Innovative Mindset

Thursday, Sept. 28
10 a.m.
rfp 302

Are you ready to unlock your inner creativity and become an innovative thinker? Our workshop, the Innovative Mindset, is perfect for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of their creative potential. You’ll discover the “CORE” Four – Curiosity, Openness, Risk-taking, and Embracing Challenges – and how they factor into becoming a more innovative thinker.

This interactive workshop offers ample opportunities to learn about and practice each skill, helping you to cultivate a more innovative mindset. With a solid understanding of these key concepts, you’ll be ready to lead with a fresh perspective and build your creative confidence.

Tips and tricks for proposal writing

Thursday, Sept. 28
1 P.M.
Library Classroom B

This session is for anyone considering applying for external funding or research awards & scholarships. You will get information on funding opportunities and learn their requirements. You will also learn tips for writing scholarship proposals and have the opportunity to practice important elements.

Kickstart your Career

Friday, Sept. 29
11 a.m.
rfp 214/215

Amazing career support is just one of the many benefits of being a graduate student at Brock University. From 1:1 appointments to career events, the services the Co-op, Career & Experiential Education team offer to graduate students are truly invaluable. Come learn about how Co-op, Career & Experiential Education (CCEE) at Brock can work with you on your career exploration and job search.

WEllness lunch and Learn

Friday, sept. 29
RFP 214/215

Join Brock’s Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre, Graduate Student Association, and FGSPA  for our Wellness Lunch and Learn kick-off. Connect and share your questions, concerns, and thoughts on how we can help support you in maintaining your overall wellness throughout your graduate academic journey. Topics could include housing, immigration, healthcare, friendships, imposter syndrome, and more. If you are feeling overwhelmed this is a great session to help with supports and resources and to let us know how we can best support you as a graduate student. (Bring your own lunch, we will provide coffee and snacks)

Truth and Reconciliation DAy

Friday, sept. 29
All Day
Across Brock Campus

For up-to-date information, activities, events and workshops, please follow Hadiya’dagénhahs – First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Student Centre (@fnmiscbrocku).


The sessions were very helpful, especially at the beginning of my graduate student journey. The introduction to tools, available resources and where and how to find them, and helpful strategies were all things any graduate student, especially those in their first year, would benefit from. I am enrolled in a research methodologies course this semester and I readily applied what I learned during GRADvantage to my coursework. I strongly recommend the GRADvantage Week sessions!

– Xiaochuan, 1st Year Master of Applied Disability Studies Student

Every session I attended provided such valuable learning. They were all informative, practical, and timely! The format enabled me to connect with other graduate students and begin building a network of peers. I cannot speak highly enough of this experience. If you missed it this time, make sure you put it on your calendar for next year. You won’t regret it!

– Delane, 1st Year Master of Education Student