SHIFT 2021 Professional Development Conference

How can you make a successful shift from your academic studies to life after graduation?

This annual professional development event has something to offer every graduate student at Brock University at every stage of their journey. Whether you are just starting to think about your next steps after graduation or you’re ready to take action to launch your career, SHIFT is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

How can attending SHIFT help you?

  • Learn from professional experts and their experiences
  • Get practical ideas about how to leverage your graduate education and experience
  • Prepare for your future career and the professional world
  • Connect with graduate students in your program and other programs
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Conference Details

Dates: Wednesday May 19 & Thursday May 20

Times: Synchronous sessions offered 9am – 2:30pm (Wed) and 9am – 3pm (Thurs)

Location: Virtual (online)

Keynote Presentation

The Energy of Your Life, Career and Leadership of Self: Your Energy, Your Choice

Presented By: Lesley Calvin, MA, CPC, ACC
Coach | Facilitator | Speaker

Wednesday, May 19, 9:00 a.m.

Your energy is your currency, personally and professionally. It is introducing you and driving your professional effectiveness before you ever say a word.

Do you know what yours is saying?

As the leader of your life and the lives of those around you, officially or unofficially, your actions and behaviours hold the key to your personal, interpersonal, and career success. Through this interactive keynote you will come to understand how something as seemingly innocuous as ‘energy’ can fundamentally define how others view you and how interpersonally influential you are. Gain tips, tools, and strategies to help you understand, manage, and cultivate it.

By the end of this session, you will:

· Understand the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and self-assess your primary level under ‘normal’ conditions and in the FAST Lane ©
· Explore the role of mindfulness in managing emotionally charged situations
· Enhance your self-awareness, self-esteem, resiliency, and optimism under stress and change
· Understand how emotions, triggers, and behaviours impact your professional networks, influence, and ability to advance your career
· Understand the consequences of your conscious and unconscious emotional energy on your life, career, and next steps
· Get an introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence at a high level

Plenary Talk

How to Figure Out What Jobs You Want – and Can Get – after Graduate School

Presented By: Jennifer Polk, PhD
Career Coach, Speaker, Facilitator & Online Community Host

Wednesday, May 19, 11:00 a.m.

What are your options for work after your degree? Which positions make the most sense given your education, interests, and skills? How can you have a career that facilitates you living your best life?

In this talk, you will learn how to identify jobs you actually want and create an actionable plan to achieve your goals. 

You will also learn how to: 

  • Expand your knowledge of your own interests, knowledge, and skills. 
  • Develop a broader perspective on your experience and achievements. 
  • Clarify what you most want to do in and gain from your career. 
  • Explore job possibilities that connect with your interests, knowledge, skills, experience, and network. 
  • Identify career options that align with your goals, needs, and priorities. 

General Session

Resumes & CVs – Showcasing Your Skills and Experiences

Presented By: Kara Renaud, MEd, CDP
Supervisor, Career Education, Brock University

Wednesday, May 19, 1:00 p.m.

How do you know when an employer is looking for a ‘resume’ or a ‘curriculum vitae’ (CV), when the terms are often used interchangeably?

In this informative session, you will learn how resumes and CV’s are different from one another, when to use each document, and how to tailor your application to the appropriate audience. This session will also address application expectations for government positions and how to modify your documents for applicant tracking systems (ATS).


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