Message from the Dean

As a proud graduate, I hold Brock University in the highest regard. I was mentored as an academic and researcher here throughout both my undergraduate and MSc degrees in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. Notably, not just ‘trained’ but mentored.

During both degrees, I received the practical experience and collegial input necessary to move efficiently forward with my research and career goals. The experience also shaped me personally — the best life lessons I could ask for — as someone who has come to recognize that collegiality and genuine collaboration provide the grounding for excellence in research and interpersonal interactions.

Brock embraces the essence of graduate education as being a pathway to independence built on solid mentorship, collegiality, collaboration, and genuine merit.

Like that best friend who is always ‘with you’ (even when they are not next to you), Brock University has travelled with me in all that I have done since my student days here in the 1980s. I have relied on the values and training from Brock to complete my PhD and to take me on my career journey.

The path that I’ve followed has led me across the world to prestigious research and teaching positions, from a Max Planck Institute (Heidelberg, Germany), to the NIH (Bethesda, Maryland), and then from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Calgary, to Western Sydney University in Australia. During my eight years at WSU, I established a new department and a large, very successful University Research Group in the newest medical school in Australia.

Now the journey continues at Brock with a vision for continued excellence and international growth in graduate education.

I commend our graduate studies community —past and present faculty, staff and students — for their contributions to Brock’s growing reputation for offering master’s and doctoral programs of the highest caliber.

Graduate education is the bedrock supporting and fostering the spirit of rigorous enquiry and innovation. Graduate programs operate at the cutting-edge of thought, progress, and development across all subjects and disciplines. As a community of researchers, scholars, and citizens more broadly, it’s up to us to push boundaries past perceived limitations.

In my five-year term as Dean, one of my most important goals is to ensure that graduate students, and their supervisors, have access to cutting-edge resources in an environment of excellence and innovation. I look forward to working with the Graduate Studies community at Brock, indeed our whole community, to ensure that our students are exposed to a range of disciplines, approaches, and ideas. You can never anticipate what will trigger your next great insight, idea or realization.

I also want to help draw out and facilitate the best qualities of everyone involved in graduate education at Brock. When I think about the personal traits needed for success, a long list comes to mind — integrity, tenacity, dedication, passion, patience, drive, enthusiasm, innovative enquiry, collegiality, honesty, and respect. I believe that our strength of character, individually and collectively, will shape the guiding principles that lead us on our continuing path of excellence as an institution.

I will make it a priority to extend the reach and impact of our knowledge, research and scholarship to the broader community via partnership and service, to make a difference in our Niagara community and beyond.

We thus have much to look forward to as a key university for the 21st century that is devoted to mentoring and facilitating the next generations of innovative problem solvers who recognize themselves as local and global citizens.

Expect to hear more from me as our journey together takes shape in wonderful ways.