Graduate studies bursary funds

COVID-19 Student Emergency Bursary

Brock University has created the COVID-19 Student Emergency Bursary to help alleviate economic hardships for students who have been impacted by COVID-19. The COVID-19 Graduate Emergency Bursary will provide emergency financial aid for graduate students who have demonstrated financial hardship or loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is available immediately to help students in need. Students may be asked to provide supporting documentation that identifies financial loss or hardship.

*Please note* Students may only apply once for a COVID-19 Emergency Bursary

Graduate Studies Bursary

Graduate Studies bursary funds are intended to assist full-time graduate students with unanticipated or non-typical financial needs. Students may apply for a Graduate Studies Bursary at any time during the academic year, and must have completed at minimum of 1 term of studies. The Graduate Studies Bursary Review Committee meets once a month to review applications.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the committee.

To be considered for a Graduate Studies Bursary, a student must complete and submit this “Graduate Studies Bursary Request Form”  electronically to by noon on the deadline dates noted below: 


  • April 14th
  • May 15th
  • June 19th  
  • July 17th
  • August 21 st

Important Information:

  1. Students applying for a Graduate Studies Bursary must fully explain the nature of their unanticipated need for funds.
  2. A complete application must include official supporting documentation, as outlined on page 2 of the application form.
  3. Students will be informed of the committee’s decision within a week of the application deadlines.