Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary

The intent of the Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary program is to assist currently registered, full-time graduate students who encounter an unanticipated extenuating serious financial emergency. It is not considered to be a source of routine or long-term funding. The bursary is not meant to provide funding for arranging fees in order to register for courses.

International students

International students are expected to have created a financial plan, before arriving in Canada, regarding how to support their studies and other expenses. International students can apply for a bursary keeping in mind the Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary is intended for unanticipated extenuating serious financial emergencies only and not to cover tuition fees owing to Brock University.


To be eligible for Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary you must currently be registered full time as a graduate student.

Bursary application

To be considered for a Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary, students must complete a “Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary Application Form” found here.

Graduate students can apply for an emergency bursary at any time throughout the year. All completed Graduate Studies Bursary applications must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Before you apply, we encourage you to speak to someone from your graduate program, such as your supervisor or the Graduate Program Director. These individuals may be able to help you with other sources of financial assistance and/or provide useful advice.

You may normally only apply for an emergency bursary once per academic year. New and compelling information would be required for a second application. If you do believe that your situation warrants a second application, please contact Joanne Kremble (contact information below).

Notification of results and payment to student

For Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary applications, decisions will be made by the Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary Review Committee and bursaries are processed through the graduate student’s financial account as soon as possible following the committee decision.


Joanna Amodeo, Acting Graduate Officer, Funding & Awards
905 688 5550 x5207