Bursaries and conference funds

Graduate Studies bursary funds are intended to assist full-time graduate students with unanticipated or non-typical financial needs. To be considered for a Graduate Studies Bursary students must complete a “Graduate Studies Bursary Application.” Students must outline the reasons for the specific bursary request and must have their Graduate Program Director (or equivalent) complete Section V and your supervisor (if applicable) complete Section VI of the application prior to submission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students may apply for a Graduate Studies Bursary at any time during the academic year (Fall, Winter or Spring).

Students applying for a Graduate Studies Bursary must fully explain the nature of their unanticipated need for funds. They should also provide official supporting documentation (in addition to the application form) to support their particular bursary request. See page 2 of the application for further details on required documents. Other supporting documentation will be determined by the nature of the bursary request.

For Graduate Studies Bursary applications, decisions will be made at the next scheduled meeting of the Graduate Studies Bursary Review Committee and bursaries are processed through the graduate student’s financial account as soon as possible following the committee meeting. If the bursary request is an emergency in nature, the committee will endeavour to review the application as soon as possible. All completed Graduate Studies Bursary applications must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies two full working days prior to the scheduled meeting date. The Bursary Review Committee is scheduled to meet monthly to review bursary applications.

Graduate Studies Bursary

Apply for a Graduate Studies Bursary

Conference Expenses

Conference Expense Reimbursement

Graduate student conference funds are available to full-time registered Master’s students and full-time or part-time registered Doctoral students who travel in connection with their graduate program. The total amount of conference funds available is a combination of funds available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) and the student’s program/supervisor. Financial support from other sources, other than Faculty of Graduate Studies, must be a minimum of $100. The student must be presenting at a conference and the program/supervisor must confirm the attendance at the conference and that attending is of direct benefit to the student’s program and research. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will normally pay expenses up to a maximum of $300 providing appropriate documentation and receipts are submitted and other sources of funding are available. Graduate Students must be registered during the period of travel to be eligible for reimbursement.

Provost’s Discretionary Fund

After presenting at a conference, part-time and full-time students may be eligible to apply to the Provost’s Discretionary Fund to obtain some additional support. Funding is available to a student once per fiscal year and only after the student receives approved funding from their Faculty and/or the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students must complete an application form; attach a proposed budget with original receipts and any endorsements or recommendations from their Faculty/Professor that supports their request. Graduate students must also submit a travel expense claims form as part of the application package.

This information should be submitted to the Office of the Provost & Vice President Academic, in Schmon Tower, 13th Floor for funding consideration after they have obtained the required sources of approval (e.g.: Faculty of Graduate Studies, Department).

Graduate Student Association Conference Funding Assistance

GSA assists a limited number of students per fiscal year with conference funds to offset the travel and other conference-related costs of the student. Currently, GSA has conference funding in two categories, both of which you apply for after you have attended the conference.