The Faculty of Graduate Studies is working closely with the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) to respond to the evolving needs of graduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can’t find the answer to your question here?  Check out the main Brock COVID-19 FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a vaccine mandate in place at Brock that states that anyone who can get vaccinated must be vaccinated in order to be on campus as well as completing a daily symptoms screening. There is also a mask requirement while on campus that requires students to wear masks on campus unless an individual has a medical or Ontario humans rights code reason.

There are currently no controlled entry points on campus. As we transition to a larger population on campus, operating the controlled access points as we were over the past year is not possible. We have introduced improvements to the Brock Covid-19 Self Screening tool that will now create a confidential record. Students will be encouraged to complete this self screening tool before coming to campus daily. In addition, passive screening posters are on all entry doors. Staff/Faculty are required to complete active screening. Results from their self screen will be shared with their immediate supervisor. Guests will be required to attend screening stations to ensure they have completed the screening and that they are fully vaccinated. Read more:

Physical Distancing: Physical distancing (i.e. keeping 2 metres away from others) remains one of the most effective measures to curb the spread of the virus and should be maintained when possible, even while wearing a mask.

Mask Wearing Exemptions: It is important to note that there are exemptions for the mask wearing requirement on campus and are outlined below under the heading of What if I Cannot Wear a Mask?

At this point, the winter term remains unchanged. We will continue to follow provincial guidelines. When decisions about winter term are made, it will be communicated with the campus community.

Brock has a team of people devoted to managing any potential outbreaks. We also have an outbreak plan.

Student have until the third week of the fall term to request a deferral.  Please contact your program directly to make this request.

Teaching Assistantships

It is not the job of faculty to police or ask people why they are not following Brock’s COVID rules and regulations. There will be very few people not wearing masks due to medical exceptions determined by Brock and faculty will know who in their classes have this exception just like any other known accommodations. TAs will not be expected to enforce the mask mandate. We will be releasing revised masking guidance, including how to handle non-compliance, in the coming days.

Contact for questions on medical accommodation which will be handled by the health management team.

Yes, a social insurance number is required for all workers on campus. TAs must have a valid work permit and a social insurance number.


Everyone’s personal situation is different, but we recommend that it is in everyone’s best interest to transit to Canada as soon as possible to use the great facilities on campus to get the University experience. The only issue would be that if you plan on going back and forth between Canada and your home country we would hate if you got stuck at home because of an every changing covid-19 pandemic.

The University is currently offering subsidies to students staying in hotel who are in quarantine in order to attend Brock, but this will be done on an individual basis, so please contact Brock International.


Each student should reach out to the FGS so that we can investigate each student’s personal situation in order to help students on an individual case basis. If you have suggestions for workshops you would like offered, please email us at and we will do our best to arrange them.

The current restriction on the labs will remain while Ontario is still under stage 3 until the province changes its restrictions.

Class Delivery

Everything is dependent on each program and course. Switching midway might not be available depending on if that specific course has both an online and in-person option. You should reach out to your graduate program directors to discuss your options more in-depth.

If your classes are currently only scheduled online, then most likely they will not switch to in-person, but students are greatly encouraged to use all the facilities throughout Brock University with the campus fully opening back up even if their classes remain online.

Most instructors won’t be providing parallel on-line instruction for their face-to-face classes. If you become ill, you should stay at home until you’re feeling better. You should reach out to your instructor/TA for how to get caught up, just as you would have in years past when you had the flu, etc.


BUSU negotiates transit and there is not a provision to opt out of the transit fee. However, you can decide to opt out of the health and dental plans from September 1st to September 30th if you have other constant coverage provided by another provider.

Contact the GSA Office to discuss this individually with each student but you should be able to add family members between September 1st to September 30th.


Reach out to your graduate program director to discuss your TA assignments and any potential options for you on an individual basis.