Carleigh Silver

Master of Applied Gerontology

Program entry date: 2020

What type of undergraduate degree did you earn? Where? 
I graduated from kinesiology at Brock!

Why MAG at Brock?  
I chose the MAG program at Brock because I have always been passionate about helping older adults and felt that this program would put me in a better position to help older adults.

Where did you complete your  MAG practicum? Did it support your career aspirations? How? 
I completed my practicum with March of Dimes, where I went into the homes of older adults and did exercises with them on a weekly basis, as well as created a program improvement plan to better serve this population and provided my results to March of Dimes. This practicum experience allowed me to gain valuable information about the importance that aging in place has on the lives of older adults, and the extra tools and resources that can be valuable to help them do so.

Has MAG prepared you to achieve your career aspirations/goals? academically and otherwise?
MAG prepared me for my career aspirations as the program allowed me to understand that one size fits all programming is not ideal, rather each older adult needs to be considered as an individual, and treated with dignity and respect.

Where are you now? Working or in school with a few details (job title, responsibilities, academic program)  
I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, where I hope to work as an occupational therapist with older adults in the future. My goal is to be able to help older adults to age in place for as long as possible, and to provide them with the tool and resources to make this possible!