Tell me your career story

When you have devoted years to specializing within an academic field, it can be mind-boggling to you and the people in your life if you consider a change. You might be worried that employers, too, will be confused by your desire for something different. A good career story will go a long way to reassuring people — including you.

A career story is not fiction or a marketing pitch. Instead, it’s a true description of your career path that draws connections between what you’ve done in the past, and what you are considering for the future.

It also highlights those connections with a specific audience in mind: whomever you’re speaking with. In other words, you never have just one career story. That’s good news, since many of us feel that our only story sounds something like this: “I’ve dedicated years to an educational path that I might not pursue. As far as I know, though, all I can do is write, research and teach.”

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