The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) is served graciously by elected/selected executives and graduate students representing different programs and committees.

Executive Committee

The GSA Executive is elected each April for the following year.

Christopher Yendt

President and Board Chair
MEd Student, Administration & Leadership in Education


Vice President, Equity & External Affairs
MA Student, Business Administration

Siddharth Pathak

Vice President, Finance
MA Student, Business Administration


Vice President, Internal
MSc Student, Kinesiology


Vice President, International
MSc Student, Applied Health Sciences


Vice President, Communications
MSc Student, Biology


Senate Representative
MEd Student, Administration & Leadership in Education

Executive Committee Alumni

Previous members of the GSA Executive Committee can be found here.

Board Members / Faculty Representatives

Board Members of the Graduate Students’ Association govern as directors for the GSA but are selected to represent their specific faculty, and are jointly responsible for governing the organization as well as serving as liaisons between the GSA executive and the graduate students in their faculty. Sitting on the GSA Board of Directors and various committees, they represent the GSA within their faculty and represent students by using their vote in the GSA .  This is an opportunity to bring issues or concerns from their faculty to the attention of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the larger graduate community.  You must be a current registered Brock graduate student to sit on the Board of Directors.   You can find a copy of the Role and Responsibilities of a Board Member, as well a schedule of meeting dates below.

GSA Board of Directors – Role and Responsibilities

GSA Board of Directors – Meeting Dates

If you are interested, please check the list below to see if your faculty requires a representative and if so, contact the GSA Office for more information at  You must be a current registered Brock graduate student to sit on the Board of Directors.  A comprehensive list of which faculties house which programs at Brock University can be found here.

Applied Health Sciences (AHS)Melissa Van der Wal
Applied Health Sciences (AHS)Jensen Murphy
Education (EDU)Ashley Grover
Education (EDU)
Goodman (GSB)Linshan Hou
Goodman (GSB)Nawal Syed
Humanities (HUM)
Humanities (HUM)
Mathematics and Sciences (MS)Amanda Williams
Mathematics and Sciences (MS)
Social Sciences (SS)Felisia Milana
Social Sciences (SS)Haley Myatt

Committee representatives

Committee representatives speak for the graduate students in various important committees in the Brock community. This is a list of some of the committees that graduate students participate in.

Academic ReviewAlison Mary O’
Alumni Association BoardHannah
Board of TrusteesChristopher
Graduate CouncilChristopher
Information Technology & InfrastructureMohammad Moinul
Mapping the New Knowledges ConfDaislyn
PACHRED - President’s Advisory ComDaislyn
Planning, Priorities & Budget AdvisoryMelanie
Research & Scholarship PolicyMarina
Senate (2 elected)Melanie
Senate Graduate Studies (SGSC)Melanie
Space Request EvaluationPratik
Student Appeals BoardAndreanne
Sustainability CoordinatingHaley
Teaching and LearningMelanie
Two Row CouncilLyn