Mandate and constitution

GSA is the independent voice of graduate students on campus, and we are recognized by Brock University as the official representative of Brock graduate students.

The Graduate Students’ Association’s purpose is to:

  • Promote academic, professional and social student development
  • Facilitate interaction between students from all departments
  • Provide opportunities for interaction between students and the internal university community (including faculty and administration)
  • Enhance the profile of graduate students in the external community
  • Advocate and lobby for student representation and meet student concerns
  • Promote equity of access for student opportunities

The overarching document of the association is the Constitution, which provides high level guidance for the organization in support of its mission, vision and values. This document is enacted by the GSA membership through either a campus wide referendum or a General Members meeting, both mechanisms allow every graduate student the opportunity to vote on potential changes. A digital copy is provided below.

001C – The Graduate Students’ Association Constitution

The GSA Membership also has the opportunity to approve additional ancillary fees, as well as amend existing fees.  These changes can be enacted through either a general election (known as a referendum) or through an general meeting of the membership. Such a vote by the membership binds the association to operating within the parameters of the related documentation, in this case a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for each fee respectively.

003A – Schedule A – GSA Managed Ancillary Fees

In addition to the Constitution and MOU’s (known as ‘foundational documents), the GSA Board enacts legislation to expand and support what is specified by members through the Constitution.  These documents are known as ‘Bylaws’ and outline various aspects of the GSA’s governance and operational structure.  A digital copy of these documents is provided below.

007A – Strategic Plan 2021-2025 – Committed to Students, Connected to Community

Committed to Students, Connected to Community is the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan of the Brock University Graduate Students’ Association. Also known as Document 007A, the Strategic Plan is the first in the GSA’s history and represents our commitment to our members on several issues that we want to address over the next five years. This plan is the product of conversations, consultations, and deliberations over the course of eighteen months during 2019-2021. Approved by both the Board of Directors and the broader membership at the GSA’s Annual General Meeting in April 2021 the plan commits the GSA and its staff and volunteers to a new mission, vision, and values along with specific strategic priorities. These priorities and goals will inform an ongoing Strategic Action / Annual Plan, guiding organizational direction and individual goals of GSA leadership.

010B – The Graduate Students’ Association Legislation Bylaw

011A – The Graduate Students’ Association Membership Provisions Bylaw

012A – The Graduate Students’ Association Honorary Membership Criteria Bylaw

015B – The Graduate Students’ Association Board of Directors Bylaw

016A – The Graduate Students’ Association Board Member Bylaw

017A – The Graduate Students’ Association Board Leadership Bylaw

018A – The Graduate Students’ Association Program Assembly Bylaw

020A – The Graduate Students’ Association GSA President Bylaw

021B – The Graduate Students’ Association Deputy President Bylaw

022A – The Graduate Students’ Association Past President Bylaw

023A – The Graduate Students’ Association VP Student Engagement Bylaw

024A – The Graduate Students’ Association VP External Affairs Bylaw

025A – The Graduate Students’ Association VP Communications and Advancement Bylaw

026A – The Graduate Students’ Association VP Equity and Inclusion Bylaw

027A – The Graduate Students’ Association Associate Vice-President’s Bylaw

029A – The Graduate Students’ Association Performance Appraisal of the GSA Executive Staff Bylaw

030A – The Graduate Students’ Association Executive Director Bylaw

040A – The Graduate Students’ Association Elections and Referenda Bylaw

041A – The Graduate Students’ Association General Meetings Bylaw

050A – The Graduate Students’ Association Committees Bylaw

051A – The Graduate Students’ Association Executive Committee Bylaw

Under the GSA Constitution and Document 010A, Bylaws are divided into two groups. Bylaws are documents that expand on stipulations outlined in the Constitution, they are approved by the Board of Directors after two affirmative readings.  Additionally, while they are reviewed on a rolling four year basis they remain active until the Board authorizes their amendment or removal.  Unlike Bylaws, Issue Bylaws are stances taken by the GSA in response to issues that may arise on an ongoing basis.  They are approved by the executive and expire automatically.  They inform lobbying priorities and support the GSA’s advocacy efforts.

080A – Issue Bylaw Regarding Student-Supervisor Relationships

081A – Issue Bylaw Regarding List Distribution of Electronic Mail to Members of the Graduate Students’ Association

082A – Issue Bylaw – Regarding Student-Faculty and Student-Supervisor Ratios

083A – Issue Bylaw – Regarding Neutrality of the Graduate Students’ Association

GSA Board of Directors and Meetings

GSA Board of Directors Meetings are held monthly. All meetings are open to the public and graduate students are always welcome to attend. Students who wish to bring a matter to the board’s attention are asked to contact the GSA office 7 days in advance of the meeting, so their issue may be added to the agenda.