The annual GSA Starlight Gala is an evening dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and community of graduate students at Brock University.

Join us on Saturday, April 1, 2023 for our signature graduate student event – the Starlight Gala! With a dinner, awards, prizes and entertainment, this is a staple graduate student event that you don’t want to miss.

This evening will be one to celebrate the present, to recognize our past twenty years of operation as an association and to look towards another incredible twenty years of engagement and representation of graduate students at Brock.

Ticket Sales

Early bird tickets are now open for purchase until midnight on February 19, 2023 – buy your tickets now!

Members/Brock Graduate Student: $25 (taxes included)
Guest/Non-Brock Graduate Student: $40 (taxes included)

Members/Brock Graduate Students are limited to purchasing one (1) graduate student ticket and one (1) guest ticket per order. For questions about tickets, email

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Student Awards

During the 2023 Starlight Gala, we will be recognizing outstanding commitment, service, and leadership by graduate students at Brock.

Know of a graduate student who you would like to be recognize or feel that you are deserving of recognition? Nominate them for one of our five awards: Graduate Student Mentorship Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, Community and Engagement Award, Academic Excellence Award, Teaching Assistant of the Year.

See below for more details and criteria.

Nomination form: Coming soon
Deadline to submit nominations: Wednesday, March 15 @ 11:59pm EST

2023 Graduate Student Awards

The award recognizes a graduate student who has shown outstanding commitment to mentoring and supporting other graduate students, demonstrating exemplary actions of inspiring leadership.

This award recognizes a graduate student who demonstrates consistent and on-going efforts to improve the lives of others through the fundamental act of good citizenship.

This award recognizes a graduate student who demonstrates creativity, leadership, innovation, and long-term effectiveness in assisting individuals and community organizations both on and off campus to deliver services that create a positive impact and experiences for the beneficiaries.

This award recognizes a graduate student who demonstrates the ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities on behalf of or while representing Brock University.

This award recognizes a graduate student who demonstrates a willingness to improve the academic and personal well-being of the students (undergraduate or graduate) they teach and interact with, as well as other teaching colleagues.

The award recognizes a graduate student who demonstrates dedication, passion, and hard work as a member of the GSA Board of Directors. This award is selected and presented by the President & CEO of the GSA.