GSA Executive Candidates 2021-2022


Christopher Yendt, MEd Candidate

Hello Badgers! My name is Christopher Yendt, and I am currently your GSA President.  Over the last two terms we have accomplished goals addressing critical immediate needs but also for our long-term growth.  Last year you elected me on a platform of vision, which I am excited to say we are close to completing.  We restructured our executive team, allowing for clearer portfolios and more even workload distribution.  We revised our organizational governance to respond to the new provincial non-profit legislative requirements.  We are about to launch the GSA’s first Strategic Plan.  Finally, we have worked closely with the university to create a referendum for a new building for graduate students, a home to call our own.  These commitments were made a year ago because I believed they could be achieved, and I’m delighted to say that together we have done so.  Concurrently, the GSA has expanded its representation across the university, by winning an additional seat for graduate students on the University Senate while ensuring graduate voices were heard on any and every committee relating to campus access.  I want to ensure that as we return to campus the organization is best positioned to advocate for your needs, improving communication, updating our website, partnering closely with various campus services to set the GSA up for success.  As I ask for your vote it is this knowledge that I hope to leverage as we move forward and continue to transform the GSA to better support the graduate student experience.


Ash Grover, PhD Educational Studies

It would be an honour to work for the graduate community at Brock as VP of Equity and Inclusion. As I am now in my second graduate degree at Brock, I feel as though I have benefited so much from the work of students and community members before me, and I would like to use the skill set that I have built during my time on University campuses in order to enhance the overall experience for others. Furthermore, as a student who has (and continues to) face significant socio-cultural barriers in regard to academic culture and campus life, I believe it is critical that the GSA works towards expanding the network of supports available and maintaining the momentum of those initiatives which drive us towards a more equitable student experience.


Nawal Syed, MBA-MPH Concurrent Degrees Program

Hey Brock Grad student. My name is Nawal Syed and I just wanted to say, wow. I recognize how tough this year was, and I am so proud of you for pushing yourself day in and day out through every single obstacle the world threw at you. But I can’t help noticing that a lot of that stress could’ve been lifted off your shoulders if we had prepared better as a University.

Realistically, the world won’t be going back to pre-pandemic times next year, but I am better equipped now to help you. I actively listened to all your concerns this year as a Board Member for your GSA and gained tremendous experience, insight, and knowledge to suggest that we need to focus on three things next year.

First, we need to make sure we’re getting our tuitions worth, and that online courses are up to standard. Second, we need equitable solutions for disruptions to both research-based and course-based graduate programs. Third, as graduate students we need to feel more connected. If you would please give me your support and your vote this upcoming GSA election for the opportunity to be your VP External Affairs (2021-2022), I’ve laid out exactly how I plan to make these three things happen. No more, no less. Going forward, we need to be honest about what we can and cannot do, because throughout the pandemic, uncertainty was what made us feel the least supported. Please reach out to me at #BrocktotheTop