GSA 2022-2023 Election

At the close of the GSA 2022-2023 Election, the Chief Returning Officer (CRO), Nwakerendu (Kay) Waboso, confirms the following preliminary results until they are ratified by the Board of Directors at their March 31, 2022 meeting.

The preliminary results for the elected members of the 2022-2023 Executive are:

President and CEO:  Haley Myatt

Vice President, Student Engagement:  Safa Khan

Vice President, External Affairs:  Rakha Zabin

Vice President, Equity & Inclusion:  Ash Grover

The detailed election results can be found here.

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Student Engagement Levy

Aboriginal Student Services Levy


Pursuant to the GSA Bylaw, Document 001, and relevant GSA legislation, the association is proceeding with a recruitment process to fill the vacancy of Vice President, Communications and Advancement.

Further information on this position, and the recruitment and appointment timeline, can be found here.