GSA 2023-2024 Election


At the close of the GSA 2023-2024 Election the Returning Officer, Michela Torchia, confirms the following preliminary results until they are ratified by the Board of Directors at their March 16, 2023 meeting.

The preliminary results for the elected members of the 2023-2024 Executive are:

President and CEO:  Rakha Zabin

Vice President, Equity and Inclusion:  Alex Wilder

Vice President, External Affairs:  Larissa Lobo

The detailed election results can be found here:

Concurrently with our Executive Election, the GSA, pursuant to our Bylaw, Document 001, and other relevant GSA legislation, is conducting an Executive Recruitment process for the remaining executive positions: Vice President, Student Engagement and Vice President, Communications and Advancement. Recommendations from these recruitment processes will be brought forward to the Board of Directors at their March 16, 2023 meeting for approval.