Get Involved

There area number of opportunities to get involved and make a contribution to graduate student life here at Brock University. Annual Executive Elections are held in March each year. Job descriptions and expectations for the GSA Executives, Senators and the Program Representatives are also available.

Graduate Students’ Association Board of Directors

The GSA Board of Directors is comprised of program representatives who share the concerns and experiences of graduate students.  Board of Directors meets monthly to address student issues and support graduate students during their time at Brock.  Applications for program representatives will be available in the fall.

Graduate Students’ Association Committees

The GSA is looking for students interested in graduate student life and leadership to volunteer for one (or more!) of the following four committees.  This is a great opportunity to meet students from different programs and faculties, in addition to collaborating to make graduate student life at Brock better for all students.

Meetings will be held on a monthly basis and report to the GSA Board of Directors.  Please see below for the committee descriptions with anticipated activities for the year.

GSA Executive Co-Chairs/Resources:

This committee will discuss issues and concerns about student life and well being on campus, including social events, mental health services for graduate students, and supports and services available to all graduate students.

GSA Executive Co-Chairs/Resources:

This committee will work on the development and modification of the GSA’s governing documents. The primary goals of the committee this year will be elections policies and procedures for all elected positions, issue bylaws, and updating minor issues in our constitution.

GSA Executive Chair/Resource:

This committee will be working to gather information about international graduate student needs in the form of finances, communication with the university, and international academic and non-academic support services. We will be working to develop a written list of recommendations, possibly in collaboration with other student organizations, to be released to the Brock community before the end of the school year. Action items of this committee may involve organizing focus groups with international students, developing survey questions, and writing/refining a document of consolidated recommendations.

GSA Executive Chair/Resource:

This year, we will be engaging in a strategic planning review process to plan and set goals for the GSA in the future. This will include hosting focus groups, developing a survey, and consolidating the information into a document with an approximately 3-year plan for the GSA.

Committees will be forming again in the fall of 2019.

University Committees

The GSA also works hard to ensure that the graduate voice is heard on the many committees that meet here at the university. Volunteer committee position opportunities will be posted here on the website, or included in your weekly GSA Newsletter. Below is a list of some of the committees that graduate students are involved in:

1 Graduate Student

A special committee of Senate responsible for the coordination, monitoring and implementation of all aspects of the Internal Quality Assurance Process (IQAP). Oversees and monitors the IQAP from the initiation of a review or introduction of a new program to the final assessment report and recommendation to Senate, oversees cyclical reviews of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Time commitment: 2 hour meetings/weekly or biweekly (currently Tuesday 2-3:30 pm) from Sept to June, 2 hour/week average prep time.

1 Graduate Student (ex-officio member)

Planning activities and events for Brock Alumni.

Time commitment: Meetings 4-5 times a year, beginning in August.

1 GSA Executive (non-voting)

The Brock Undergrad Council bylaw allows one graduate student to attend their regular council meetings, representing the GSA.

Time commitment: Meetings are once every two weeks through the academic year, and twice during the summer months.

GSA President (voting member)

The purpose of the Council is to provide a forum to exchange and discuss ideas and information about graduate programs and to advise the Dean of Graduate Studies on all matters pertaining to graduate studies as appropriate. This could include, but would not be limited to:

  • Maintain the quality and standards of graduate programs
  • Exchanging policy and procedures developed within departments/programs
  • Facilitating consistency among graduate programs, as appropriate
  • Advising on policy matters pertinent to graduate programs
  • Identifying priorities for institutional funding commitment
  • Encouraging activities of the Graduate Students’ Association and receive input from the Association

Time commitment: 1 ½ hour meetings/monthly from Sept to May.

1 GSA Senator

This Senate standing committee attends to all matters related directly to the welfare, constitution and conduct of Senate. Provides leadership in identifying policy needs and initiatives, Senate committee composition, nominations for honourary degrees, recommends changes to Bylaws of Senate or Faculty Handbook when necessary, advises, recommends, acts for Senate when needed, high-level governance oversight of the implementation of the Brock University Integrated Plan, recommends regarding proposals for a change in the name of academic units.

Time commitment: 2 hour meetings/monthly from Sept to May.

1 Graduate Student — Sub-committee of Senate

Undertakes all those areas of policy and advice having to do with operations and planning for the whole University. Development and effective use of the physical resources of the University, anticipated growth/contraction of the academic/administrative sectors, policies and priorities to be adopted by the University concerning computing and communications resources, academic and administrative structures, University expenditures on computing and communication services.

Time commitment: 1-2 hour meetings/monthly from Sept to May.

1 Graduate Student & VP Internal (voting members)

Planning committee for the Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference and Workshops.

Time commitment: 1 hour meetings/monthly from August to May.

GSA VP Equity & External Affairs

Mandate — The Committee shall have three (3) main functions:

  1. To be a sounding board and advisor to the Ombudsperson in regard to such matters as the Annual Report, its distribution, the promotion of the office, hiring and firing of staff working within the purview of the Ombuds Office, professional development plans, short and long term planning, additional duties, and so on;
  2. To review the Ombudsperson’s annual work plan; and
  3. To advise the funding partners regarding the Memorandum of Understanding as it relates to the Ombuds service.

Time commitment: OAC meets bi-annually, or as required.

GSA VP Finance

This Senate standing committee undertakes the responsibility of Senate regarding advice to the Board of Trustees in respect to the operating budget’s consistency with academic policy. The Senate Planning, Priorities and Budget Advisory Committee advise regarding:

  • the principles of allocation of the University budget;
  • the fiscal priorities of the University;
  • the fiscal challenges of the University;
  • the budget system and any proposed changes in the budget system of the University;
  • matters requiring institutional advocacy;
  • the operating budget’s consistency with academic policy and its consonance with the goals of the University.

Time commitment: 1-2 hour meetings/monthly from Nov to June.

1 Graduate Student (Voting Member)

This Senate standing committee develops policy related to, but not limited to, research and scholarship, conceived of as mutually supporting and informing activities. Considers and advises on policy regarding research and scholarship, recommends the recipient of the annual Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity, advises on procedures for academic staff appointments, conditions for promotion and tenure, leaves and termination that are in the best interests of research and scholarship, advises on library policy and issues advises on library policy and issues, consults regarding the enhancement of research and scholarly opportunities.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hour meetings/monthly from Sept to May.

GSA President & 1 Senator (voting member)

This Senate standing committee oversees and makes recommendations on all matters directly related to graduate academic programs and related policies, considering and pursuing policy initiatives to enhance the academic programs, well-being and reputation of the University. Conduct and regulation of graduate students, establishment of graduate program priorities, relationships between existing or proposed programs of study, admissions policies and standards, introduction of new categories of graduate degrees, development of teaching and learning initiatives, policies and regulations as they affect graduate students, annual updates to the graduate calendar, requirements and other regulations in regard to graduate scholarships, awards and bursaries, advises on library policy and issues as they relate to graduate studies.

Time commitment: 2 hour meetings/monthly from Sept to April.

1 GSA Executive

Brock University committee formed to advise on buildings and space allocations for the university.

Time commitment: 1 hour meetings/monthly.

1 Graduate Student (Senator, depending on BUSU rep)

This Senate standing committee hears and adjudicates all undergraduate and graduate student academic appeals and is the final recourse for academic appeals. Adjudicate appeals from students relating to issues such as final grades, charges of academic misconduct, and early re-admission from suspension and debarment.

Time commitment: 3 hour meetings/month, few hours/month prep time depending on cases.

1 Graduate Student (voting member)

The University’s Sustainability Coordinating Committee (SCC) was established in 2009 and is open to all entities of the University, with the Committee serving as a forum for the receipt and exchange of sustainability related information, practices, actions, initiatives, education, goods & services, etc. In this manner, participants are able to link-up with one another in mutually supporting adhoc groups to develop grass-roots initiatives or to improve on their sustainable practices.

Time commitment: 2 hour meetings (9-11 am), every 2 months from September to May.

Click here for more details on the Senate Standing Committee Mandates.