Bursaries and awards

There are many bursaries and awards available for all graduate students each year. A couple of the awards, initiated by the Graduate Students’ Association are below, but there are many more – see link below to Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Value: $3,045
No of Awards: 2

This award will be divided between 2 enrolled outstanding graduate students at Brock University. Applicants will be required to submit a two page outline (~500 words) demonstrating achievements in student leadership and service to the Brock community. Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies website, for details on how to apply for this Internal Continuing Student Award.

Value: $560

An annual award to a full-time student in the first or second-year of graduate studies at Brock University who demonstrates personal characteristics such as an enquiring and innovative mind; a spirit of confidence and independence; research ability and maturity; and a high potential for future leadership within the student’s academic area. The student will have been involved in either graduate representation on University committees or university activities that reflect well upon graduate students. The student must complete an Application for Internal Graduate Scholarships. Please note, a letter of support from the student’s supervisor must be included with the application. Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies website, for details on how to apply for this Internal Continuing Student Award.

Information about other internal and external sources of financial support for Brock graduate students is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Conference funds

There are funds available to graduate students each year in the form of conference funding reimbursement, to offset the travel and other conference related costs of the student, which you apply for after you have attended the conference.

You can explore the following options for conference funding assistance:

Your Graduate Program Director, Administrative Assistant, and graduate program handbook to determine the funds available through your faculty, program, Dean, or Chair.

Ask your supervisor(s) if they have any funds available to support you with your conference travel expenses.

Brock’s Faculty of Graduate Studies will reimburse full-time Masters Students as well as full-time and part-time Doctoral students who are conference presenters up to $300 per fiscal year.  This Travel Expense Reimbursement is contingent upon securing other forms of financial support.

Graduate studies bursary funds

Graduate Studies bursary funds are intended to assist full-time graduate students with unanticipated or non-typical financial needs. Students may apply for a Graduate Studies Bursary at any time during the academic year, and must have completed at minimum of 1 term of studies.

For further details or to apply visit

Tuition and Ancillary Fees – You can view details on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at