GSA Announces Newly Appointed Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion for 2022-2023

September 2, 2022 – (St. Catharines, ON)

GSA Announces Newly Appointed Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion for 2022-2023

After announcing the resignation of the Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion on July 29, the GSA swiftly embarked on a thorough recruitment process to fill this vacancy and once again complete the executive compliment.

During the recruitment period, in pursuance to Document 001, other relevant GSA legislation and under the guidance of the Board of Director, the Executive Committee shared responsibilities of this position until a successful candidate was determined and appointed by the Board of Directors.

The recruitment process in its entirety was held in online spaces due to current hybrid nature of the GSA operations. The Recruitment Committee’s recommendation for the position was presented to the Board of Directors at a special meeting on September 1, providing Board Directors the opportunity to scrutinize the recruitment process and the nomination. The Board unanimously supported the appointment of Alex Wilder to the position of Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion for the remainder of the 2022-2023 operating year (September 6, 2022 – April 30, 2023).

“Though two recruitment cycles over the summer is not the most typical for our organization, I am proud of the way the GSA has approached this recruitment cycle and its comprehensive, accountable and transparent nature,” says GSA President, Haley Myatt. “Our recruitment processes that were codified into policies last year helped guide us through a seamless path from advertisement and notification of the vacancy, through deliberations, and to the final decision. The process undertaken during this search upholds the GSA’s commitment to have equitable, inclusive recruitments.”

Wilder is a PhD student from the Department of Biology and comes to the GSA with a large range of experiences with advocacy, community-building, student leadership and initiative creation. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to act as a voice for students and use my role to enact real change so we can continue making Brock a great campus,” shares Wilder. “I believe in creating a safe and comfortable space for all students to actively participate in supportive and educational dialog, bringing about positive changes and experiences. I hope to serve as not only an advocate for my fellow students, but as a resource for student self-advocacy. Together we can create a fulfilling and inclusive graduate experience.”

With the addition of Wilder, the full 2022-2023 Executive Committee stands as:

  • President and CEO – Haley Myatt
  • President, Communication and Advancement – Sarah Burger
  • Vice President, Equity and Inclusion – Alex Wilder
  • Vice President, External Affairs – Rakha Zabin
  • Vice President, Student Engagement – Safa Khan
  • Past President – Christopher Yendt

“Alex will be joining the GSA during one of our most active times of the academic year, but I have full confidence that she will be able to approach this new position with a fresh focus, passion and compassion. Over the next month, the GSA will undertake a comprehensive onboarding process, to make sure both Alex and the rest of the Executive team are best positioned for success over the remainder of our terms,” says Myatt. “Acknowledging the incredible work of the Recruitment Committee during this search, I want to thank those members for their additional investment over the month of August. I also want to thank the other executives for taking on any additional responsibilities required of them, as well as the Board for their constant support and guidance during the recruitment period.”

The GSA looks forward to providing new and exciting opportunities for engagement and involvement moving forward. We encourage members to follow our social media channels to stay up to date on the latest news, as well as check out all the current involvement opportunities currently featured on our website.

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