Increased Engagement Opportunities for Graduate Students Through BUSU Partnership

April 29, 2022 – (St. Catharines, ON)

Increased Engagement Opportunities for Graduate Students Through BUSU Partnership

Throughout the last two years, particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic, we have witnessed a growing interest from graduate students vocalizing their desires for more opportunities to create community, connect with other graduate students and get more involved on the Brock campus. As a strategic pillar within our organization, we continue to prioritize efforts to build community through and within our actions as an organization.

Considering student need and under the direction of our Strategic Plan, we have worked diligently over the last year to identify opportunities for graduate students. Today, we are proud to announce a deepened partnership with the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU).

Through a new omnibus agreement with BUSU, the GSA has secured the following for graduate students:

  • Access to BUSU events and programming, under the same terms and conditions offered to undergraduate students
  • Ability to create graduate student clubs, under BUSU’s purview
  • Open opportunity to join and participate in BUSU clubs, in accordance with BUSU policies and established club rules

Event and club access now stands alongside the previous agreed upon services between the GSA and BUSU: the Food First program and transit/U-Pass.

“This agreement finalizes years of efforts to partner more closely together, benefiting both graduate and undergraduate students,” shares GSA President, Christopher Yendt. “We have been aligned on a number of major projects over the last several years, from the Zone renovation, mental health initiatives and increased support for Aboriginal Student Services. Having worked for both BUSU and the GSA, I have long seen the opportunity to bring our two organizations closer together and this agreement is not only a culmination of those efforts but represents a first of its kind partnership within the student association sector in Ontario.”

Graduate students are now able to access BUSU events, programming, and clubs.

We look forward to the continued partnerships with BUSU and will continue to work towards the establishment of strong community for graduate students at Brock.



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