War of 1812 Exhibit receives $90,000 federal funding

Local history is coming alive at the St. Catharines Museum, thanks to the efforts of Brock University and the City of St. Catharines and the support of the Government of Canada.

On January 25, 2013 St Catharines M.P. Rick Dykstra announced that Brock would be receiving $90,000 from Heritage Canada’s 1812 Commemoration Fund for the creation of a War of 1812 exhibit in the St. Catharines Museum.

This exhibit represents an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the War of 1812.  Brock students and Niagara residents alike will be given the opportunity to learn about the conflict and the role it played in the history of both the region and the nation. The exhibit is expected to attract an upwards of 250,000 visitors, which allows for a unique learning experience brought about by the many skilled archivists and researchers of the University and St. Catharines Museum.

Brock is thankful for the support and partnership of the Government of Canada. This exhibit will have a lasting impact across Niagara.

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