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Goodman MSc Frequently Asked Questions

About the program

This program was founded in 2007. We are known internationally for our rigorous undergraduate and graduate degrees and talented, well prepared and knowledgeable alumni. The establishment of the MSc in Management program was the next step for the business school to enhance its graduate offerings with a research focused degree: many of our graduates from the MAcc and MBA programs have already gone on to doctoral programs and successful academic careers.

The MSc is a 2 year, thesis based program. The curriculum is designed to provide you with extensive academic knowledge in a specialized area of study (accounting, finance, marketing or management science) through focused course work and the completion of a major research program.

It is not possible to study for your MSc on a part time basis. Beyond TA and RA positions, students are encouraged not to hold part time or full time jobs.

The MSc takes two years to complete. The first year of the program focuses on specialized course work and training in research methodology. The second year of the program focuses on the completion of the master’s thesis.

All students must enroll in a specialized stream in the MSc in Management Program.

Students in the MSc may specialize in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Organization Studies or Operations and Information Systems Management.

No. The primary focus of the MSc is on preparing students for research based careers. There is no co-op term, but MSc students receive relevant experience through their work as Teacher Assistants (TAs) and Research Assistants (RAs).

Admission requirements

Please visit our “Admission requirements” page to learn about the minimum admission requirements for Goodman’s MSc program.

Yes. Work experience is not required for the MSc program.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies requires that applicants have a four-year honours degree. Due to the advanced nature of MSc coursework, it is not possible to apply to the program without a four-year degree.

If you have a four year applied college degree, you are not eligible to apply for the MSc. You will not have taken a sufficient number of advanced and research based courses that are needed in order to be successful in a thesis-based degree program.

The GMAT or the GRE are required for all applicants and cannot be waived for the MSc program. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The committee is looking for applicants with a 550 and above. Applicants that do not meet this minimum may be asked to rewrite the GMAT.

As the M.Sc. is a thesis-based degree program. The admissions committee is therefore looking for applicants with an extremely strong academic background. Applicants who do not meet this minimum requirement may still apply if they feel they have other qualifications that compensate for a lower average.

Application information

Please visit our “How to apply” page for MSc application deadlines.

The application review process for the MSc program will take between 1-2 months once all required documents have been received. You can monitor the status of your application and admission decision in the “Application Status” section of your student account.

Successful applicants will receive an email notice of our decision from the Goodman Graduate Programs Office, as well as an official offer of admission letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies that will be posted to the student’s account.

Please visit our “How to apply” page for details on required elements of an MSc application.

The statement of interest is an opportunity to let the committee learn more about you. In one page, please let us know why you want an MSc, why you are interested in Goodman, what you will bring to the program and what your short term and long term goals are. It is also important that you include a statement of your research interests so that we can match you with an appropriate thesis supervisor.