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Programs and pathways

Full-time MBA

The Brock MBA program was founded in 2003. It became known as the Goodman MBA in 2012.

Brock University’s Goodman School of Business is known internationally for its rigorous undergraduate degrees and talented, well prepared and knowledgeable alumni. The establishment of the MBA program was the next step for the business school in order to continue to offer a high quality and relevant business education for individuals at all stages of their career.

The Goodman MBA is a 2 year, traditional MBA program. The MBA curriculum is designed to meet the applied needs of Canadian and international businesses while at the same time instilling graduates with strong theoretical knowledge, excellent communication abilities and the skills needed to be a successful manager. The program is designed so that no foundational area of business is neglected, ensuring that students can work in and understand all aspects and areas of their organization.

Recent graduates of Canadian business programs may complete their degree in less than two years. Find out more about advanced standing.

Part time students follow the exact same curriculum as the full time MBA, spreading their coursework over a longer period of time.

Part Time MBA

Yes, we do accept students for part time study. Part time students may begin the program in either in January, April or September. Part time students complete the exact same courses as the full time students and are an important part of the Brock MBA program.

*Please note that part-time student who are unable to attend classes during the day may not be able to complete a specialization.

Part time students typically take five courses a year (two in fall, two in winter and one in spring) in order to complete the program in four years. Students may take more or fewer courses each year, if they wish.

Most part time students attend classes in the evening. Many part time students, depending on their schedule, are also able to attend courses during the day. Occasionally, students may enroll in independent study electives that enable them to work closely with a professor on a topic that interests them.

We understand that due to work and personal commitments you may not always be able to take courses each semester. We are always willing to accommodate any requests for leaves of absence and are committed to ensuring that all of our students complete the MBA program.

Yes! The Goodman MBA program is one of the few MBA programs in Canada that offers advanced standing course exemptions that will shorten the length and cost of your graduate degree. All students who have graduated with a Canadian or American business undergraduate degree in the last seven years are eligible to be considered for advanced standing.

Advanced standing is awarded on a course by course basis.  Advanced standing will only be awarded for courses that meet our curriculum and minimum grade requirements. Courses that are eligible for advanced standing are denoted with an asterisk on the General MBA program plan.

A minimum of 10 courses must be completed in order to earn the MBA degree.

Please feel free to contact us on the Goodman Graduate Portal to request an assessment of your eligibility for advanced standing.


In the second year of the program, students may choose to specialize or pursue a general MBA. We offer specializations in Accounting (CPA pathway), Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Business Analytics and Human Resource Management. *Please note that the CPA accredited accounting specialization takes one additional term to complete.

Students may also study for a general MBA which enables them to take courses from all of the different specializations to create a custom program.

*Please note that part-time student who are unable to attend classes during the day may not be able to complete a specialization.

Our faculty have expertise in a wide range of business areas. If none of our specializations interest you, you can also look into pursuing a general MBA. The general MBA enables you to take courses that fit your future career plans from within all the different specializations. You can also enroll in independent study electives, where you can work one on one with professors who have experience in your field of interest and can offer you guidance and knowledge. Students may also request permission to enroll in select fourth year classes if they wanted to study their subject with other students.

Co-op MBA & International Exchanges

Yes. All full-time students that are at Goodman for at least two semesters of study (beginning in September or January term) and who maintain an average of 75% are eligible for our co-op program.  Students enrolled in the co-op program attend workshops, seminars and speaker series that are designed to help them discover the opportunities and industries that await them during their co-op work placement and post-MBA.

Most co-op placements are four months long. International and domestic students are eligible for co-op.

There are no separate application requirements for the co-op program. There is an average requirement to stay in the co-op program.

Although studying abroad is not mandatory, many MBA students find the time they spend abroad to be extremely beneficial, both academically and professionally. We have international exchange partners located around the world, including Sao Paulo University, Brazil; Shanghai University, China; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; Groupe-ESC Rouen, France; European Business School, Germany; Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), Mexico; and the University of Surrey, UK. Most MBA students complete their exchange in the first semester of their second year.

MBA versus MBA ISP

The Goodman School of Business offers two programs that lead towards the MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. We offer a traditional two year MBA as well as the MBA International Student Pathway (MBA ISP). Both programs focus on the same curriculum and include the same degree requirements. The MBA (ISP) is ideal for international applicants who are intellectually and professorially ready to pursue an MBA in Canada but who would like a program that emphasizes communication and language skills. MBA and MBA (ISP) students take their courses separately, ensuring that international students are not at a disadvantage in the classroom. The MBA (ISP) does not focus on international business although the global business environment is discussed in all courses.

For more information, please visit MBA Pathways.

Although you are an international student, we recommend that you apply to our traditional MBA pathway. The MBA (ISP) offers additional support to international students by focusing on Business English skills and helping them transition to the Canadian business world. As you already have an undergraduate degree from a North American university and are familiar with Canadian culture, the MBA would be the most appropriate pathway for you.

We recommend that you apply to our MBA (ISP). This program will not only provide you with a strong Canadian business education but will also provide you with additional preparation through the one-month Business English Program and through supportive faculty attuned to your cultural and language needs.

You may also be interested in our Professional Masters Preparation Certificate Program (PMPC). This certificate program focuses on developing English language communication skills so that students can succeed in graduate school in North America.

Application requirements

Application Deadlines and Process

There is no set deadline for MBA applications. Admissions are processed on a rolling basis and applications are reviewed as they are received throughout the year. Admission will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis until the program is full.

International applicants are strongly recommended to apply at least 4 months before the start of their desired entry point (June 1st for Fall entry, February 1st for Spring entry, and September 1st for January entry.) to allow for visa processing time. Please note that our office cannot control how long it takes for a student to apply for and receive a study permit.

Application and document submission instructions are available on the MBA Application Process webpage.  Admission criteria and document requirements can be found on the Before You Apply page.

Once we receive a completed application, with all required documents, the application review process will typically take two weeks. You will receive an email notification from our Goodman Graduate Programs Office once an admission decision has been made.

Official offer of admission letters will be posted to a student’s account by the Faculty of Graduate Studies within two weeks of the admission decision being made.

The statement of interest is an opportunity to let the committee learn more about you. In one page, either double or single spaced, please let us know why you wish to obtain an MBA degree, why you are interested in the MBA program at Goodman, how an MBA will relate to your short and long term career goals, and what you will bring to the program as a unique individual.


For the vast majority of applicants, a GMAT will be a standard requirement when applying for the MBA program. The admissions committee looks for a minimum GMAT score of at least 550 as evidence of adequate verbal and quantitative skills required for success in the MBA. A strong GMAT score has an extremely positive impact on your application. For more information about the GMAT, test preparation and test dates, please visit the GMAT website.

Requests for GMAT waivers for the MBA program will only be considered if you have graduated from a Canadian or American university in the last seven years with an overall average of 80%/A-/3.67 GPA or higher (without rounding). Please note that a GMAT waiver must be formally requested and approved by the Graduate Programs Office prior to submitting an application. If you meet the above noted criteria, please use the “Contact Grad Programs Office” section of the Goodman Graduate Portal to submit a formal waiver request with your transcript.

We would recommend that individuals with 7+ years of significant, full-time, managerial work experience, consider the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration  program. Formal requests for GMAT waiver based on 7+ years of managerial work experience can be submitted to the Goodman Graduate Portal using the “Contact Grad Programs Office” option.

The committee is looking for strong applicants with a GMAT score of 550 and above. Applicants that do not meet this minimum will likely be required to rewrite the GMAT before admission will be considered. If you have obtained a GMAT score below 550, we highly recommend that you contact us before you rewrite to determine if retaking the test would be advisable.

Yes, we will accept a GRE score in place of a GMAT score. The minimum GRE requirement is a score in the 60th percentile.

If you have any additional questions about the GMAT requirement that has not been answered, please contact the Graduate Programs Office through the Goodman Graduate Portal.

Contact Information

Due to the large number of inquiries we receive on a daily basis, our staff members are unable to use our personal email to keep in contact with our students. Instead, our office uses the Graduate Student Communication Portal to answer all prospective and current student questions. The portal not only allows us to keep a record of all of our communications with you, but it also makes your inquiry accessible to all members of our staff, ensuring that your question will be answered by the staff member who has the most knowledge and experience about that subject.

As our staff members also travel frequently, communication through the Portal ensures that your messages can be accessed at any time and from many locations through the world.

Portal inquiries that are received during the work week are typically responded to on the same day that they are received. For more complex inquiries or in-depth transcript assessment requests, we ask that you please allow 2 working days for a response.