Goodman’s MBA curriculum is designed to combine the strength of a comprehensive core curriculum with the ability to specialize in key functional areas of business. You will develop practical strategies to help you become a dynamic leader with knowledge and expertise to succeed in your career.

The general stream provides you with a flexible program plan and the ability to take a variety of elective courses in different fields. The general stream is ideal if you have a wide range of interests, or are planning on working in general management and want to gain a competitive edge.

The Goodman MBA program consists of 20 courses, of which 14 courses are required and 6 courses are elective.

We offer six specializations*:

Accounting/CPA Accredited Pathway

The CPA/MBA program offers a CPA-Accredited stream that provides graduates with advanced standing in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) to the end of Core 2. The new accredited stream allows non-accounting university graduates to pursue an MBA and an accounting designation at the same time. Goodman is currently the only business school in Ontario to offer a combined MBA and CPA program.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics stream is designed to provide students with the logical, analytical, and critical thinking skills needed to prepare them for analysis and decision-making positions in a variety of industries and fast-growing professions. This field has increased in popularity in recent years due to the increase in data available to organizations from customer loyalty programs, e-commerce transactions, and even sensory data from machines.

Operations Management

The operations management specialization includes a focus on project management, quality management, logistics and supply chain management. Courses will cover many of the topics required for the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) professional designations from APICS -The Association for Operations Management (formerly the American Production and Inventory Control Society).


This specialization is ideal for those seeking a focus mainly on investments and portfolio management. This program has a high degree of correlation with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Human Resource Management

Designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of HR. This specialization provides you with the majority of the course work necessary for the CHRP designation.


The marketing specialization equips you with an integrated managerial and global business approach to marketing that helps you first apprehend the values of product/service offerings, their market spaces as well as competitors, and then enables you apply the theoretical principles of marketing to deliver superior customer experiences that advance sustainable competitive advantage and growth. Emphasis is centrally placed on understanding practical, real-world marketing problems through customer behavior and marketing analytics, and solving these problems using learned insights through innovative marketing strategies. Students will be able to earn the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) Sales Certificate upon completion of the specified courses, and the core and elective courses in the stream shall progress students well in earning the American Marketing Association (AMA) Professional Certified Marketer in Marketing Management, Sales Management, and Digital Marketing.

*Please note that the CPA MBA pathway requires completion of 24 courses.

Courses and programs

Term 1 (Fall)Term 2 (Winter)
MBAB 5P01: Accounting for Decision Making I
MBAB 5P02: Quantitative Analysis
MBAB 5P03: Economic Environment of Business
MBAB 5P04: Organizational Behaviour
MBAB 5P08: Financial Management
MBAB 5P05: Marketing Management
MBAB 5P06: Accounting for Decision Making II
MBAB 5P07: Operations Management
MBAB 5P09: Management Information Systems
MBAB 5P22: Global Business
Term 3 (Fall)Term 4 (Winter)
MBAB 5P20: Applied Business Research MBAB 5P25: Business EthicsMBAB 5P21: Business Strategy
MBAB 2P23: Entrepreneurship OR MBAB 5P24: Business Law

*Although we endeavour to offer the specialty streams in terms three and four of the MBA each year, the possibility exists that a stream may not be offered.

Course Descriptions are available for download.

Typical Program Plan 

Your program plan is custom designed for your needs and interests. Modification will be made if you have advanced standing, are completing an exchange program or are completing your program on a part-time basis.

Applicants who are eligible for advanced standing can be exempted from many of the core courses. Contact us for an individual assessment.

Detailed MBA program plans

SpecializationSample Elective OptionsRelevant DesignationsReal Grad Careers
Business Analytics• Introduction to Business Analytics
• Advanced Business Analytics
• Database Management Systems
• Systems Analysis and Design
• Information Assurance
Joint SAS-Goodman Certificate in Business Analytics
(Awarded with MBA Diploma upon Degree completion)
SAS Certified Base Programmer
SAS Certified Advanced Programmer
SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional
SAS Certified Data Scientist
INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional
Junior and senior positions in data analytics in private and public sectors
CPA/MBA (Accounting)• Assurance I & II
• Tax I & II
• Advanced Corporate Finance and Risk Management
CPAChartered Professional Accountants
Finance• Financial Statement Analysis
• Debt Investments
• International Finance
CFA• Financial Controller
• Financial Advisor
• Pricing Analyst
General ManagementAny electives can be taken.• CAO
• Vice-President of Operations
• Senior Manager
Human Resource Management• Negotiating in Organizations
• Recruitment and Selection
• Health and Safety
CHRP• Senior Recruitment Consultant
• HR Business Partner
Marketing• Marketing Research
• Consumer Behaviour
• New Product Development
• Market Research Analyst
• Media Consultant
• Marketing Manager
Operations Management• Project Management
• Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• Quality Management